Top 4 Adventure Sports to Try While in Mallorca

Top 4 Adventure Sports to Try While in Mallorca balloons main

With the beautiful weather, stunning Mediterranean views and long glorious beaches Mallorca offers an opportunity to escape the real world for a while and truly relax. But relaxation is not all the island has to offer. There is plenty for adrenaline junkies as well.

Mallorca is a great place to go for a vacation. If lying on the beach for a week is not for you, then there is a whole world of adventure sports you can take part in, where you can challenge yourself physically and mentally, or just spend some time with your loved ones in a shared new experience that will last forever.

Challenge yourself physically with rock climbing

If you want to challenge yourself, both physically and mentally then rock climbing is a great way to do it. You have to be focused, push yourself and stay driven to get to the top. Whatever your current ability, or even for children this is the same.

Mallorca is a great place to do this sport, and there are climbing and hiking routes for different abilities and fitness levels. Whether solo or with your family you will have an amazing time, and get up close to the inspiring landscape. The sense of achievement you will feel is amazing. There are also great places to stop, rest, and cool off with a swim along the way.

Top 4 Adventure Sports to Try While in Mallorca rock climbing

See Mallorca from the sky

What could be more beautiful than watching the sunset across the sea from a hot air balloon. It is so peaceful and relaxing and will be a memory you will never forget. It is a great way to celebrate life, and even enjoy a little glass of champagne or two and some tapas.

This is a once in a lifetime experience in a beautiful location. You can even do a sunrise flight as well if you have enough people to fill the balloon.

See the coast from a different perspective with a kayak

With such beautiful beaches and coastline, Mallorca is the perfect place to get out on the water with a kayak in the summer. You will get to see and do things that you simply wouldn’t normally from the land.

If you are an advanced or a beginner kayaker it is best to choose a kayak guided tour to help show you all the amazing places, including where is best to stop for a swim, where the marine caves are to explore or try snorkelling, and also provide a picnic lunch. You can even arrange a two day trip, with overnight camping on the beach.

If you don’t feel confident managing a single person kayak there is also the option of a double kayak – great for if you have children with you. Beginner kayakers can go to Globo Surf for advice.

Top 4 Adventure Sports to Try While in Mallorca canyon

Try canyoning in this great location

If you are a real adventure lover then you absolutely have to try canyoning. The sport involves climbing or descending into canyons but the great difference about Mallorca is that the canyons often lead down to the sea due to the fact it is an island, so you can sometimes feeling you are getting the best of all worlds with slides, rappels, jumps and swimming.

Mallorca is perfect for this sport due to the makeup of the local geography and the way the rock formations have grown. It has routes that can suit families, children and beginners, but also many bigger challenges for the more experienced looking to hone their skill in this amazing, fun sport. The surrounding are also incredibly beautiful, bring people from all over the world to try canyoning here. The best option is to make sure you go with a seasoned guide who understands the local landscape and can ensure maximum safety during the activity.

If you want to check out these and more great activities you can do in Mallorca then take a look at adventure sports in Mallorca with for the best professional adventure planning.


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