4 Tips for the Perfect Leeds Bradford Pre-Flight Experience

4 Tips for the Perfect Leeds Bradford Pre-Flight Experience main

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, and even some who do participate don’t enjoy it nearly as much as they would have their kids believe – the flipside of turkey and crackers is enough spending to melt your credit card and the stress that comes from enforced socialising with distant relatives and colleagues who you would usually steer completely clear of.

If you’re in the above group, we feel your pain, but one way to make the next few weeks much more bearable is by booking your holiday for summer 2020 – with this relaxing goal in mind, you’ll be motivated to push your way through to spring and sail into summer with the next few months merely becoming a terrible tinsel-covered memory.

As you’ll be well aware, Leeds Bradford is the pick of the airport bunch for Yorkshire natives yearning for sunnier climes, and with 29 non-stop flights to fab locations like Dublin, Amsterdam, Tenerife and Rome, there are plenty of hotspots to choose from.

With that in mind, here are four tips for the perfect Leeds Bradford pre-flight experience.

1. Book a cheap flight

Money isn’t everything. But most bars and restaurants abroad will expect some sort of fee in return for their delicious food and drinks, so it’s important that you find flights as cheaply as possible to save moolah for things that matter – making your break as fun as possible.

Check out the best deals on cheapflights.co.uk to snap up a bargain for you and your family and even if you can’t decide exactly where you’re going, you can set the criteria for wider areas (like Western Europe) to broaden your net.

4 Tips for the Perfect Leeds Bradford Pre-Flight Experience airport

2. Eat tasty food

There’s no surer recipe for a family fall out than waiting for a flight with an empty stomachs, so if you’ve not had the foresight to pack some sandwiches, you’ll need to find something suitable from the airport fare.

Luckily, eating at Leeds Bradford Airport is an eclectic and satisfying experience – whether you slake your thirst with a cocktail, wine or craft beer at the Cabin Bar, enjoy an artisan cappuccino at Caffe Ritazza or tuck into a whopper at Burger King, you’ll be completely satisfied.

3. Book secure parking

Reaching the airport via public transport if perfectly possible. But if you want to arrive feeling calm and collected, travelling in your own car is sometimes preferable – especially if you have young children or elderly relatives in tow.

In these circumstances, SkyParkSecure.com has secure Leeds Bradford airport parking aplenty, so book ahead for the best deal, cruise to departures in your own ride and stay completely chilled. Travelling by train or bus is folly if it means arriving for your flight looking bedraggled and feeling flustered.

4. Retail therapy

When neither cheap flights, convenient parking nor delicious cuisine are enough to make you happy, there’s only one thing for it – head for the shops and spend as wildly as a 90s lottery winner.

Browse bustling boots for baby bottles, collect chocolate from CARGO travel essentials, wonder around World Duty Free to find fabulous fragrances and arm yourself with handbags and glad rags at Accessorize. But if you really want a unique gift for a relative abroad, pop into the Leeds United Club Shop and snaffle this season’s home strip – it’s sure to be a hit for any sports-mad family member.

That’s out list! Share your own Leeds Bradford Airport tips in the comments section


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