The Best Places to Visit This Summer

The Best Places to Visit This Summer main

Deciding where to spend your summer holidays is never an easy task. With so many options available within our reach, it is important to pick one which will not end up being a disappointment. Over the last years, Málaga, Madrid and Cancun have become some of the best places for tourists to visit.

Finding the perfect place to spend your holidays

There are many factors to be taken into account when deciding about a place to visit on holidays. A travel destination should never be chosen lightly and when taking this decision, one has to weigh the pros and cons and decide in which direction to go.

However, there are some cities in the world from which tourists always seem to leave with a good impression. We are talking about Málaga, Madrid and Cancun, three cities that over the last years have become a central point on the tourism industry, with millions of visitors falling in love with them each year.

Discovering Málaga

Málaga is a city located on the Southern coast of Spain. There is a lot to discover on your visit to this city.

If you are a history lover, then Málaga is the right choice for you. Málaga history goes back 2,800 years, which makes it one of the oldest cities in Europe. The city rich history is fully reflected on its monuments, like the The Church of Santiago or the Castle of Gibralfaro.

The Best Places to Visit This Summer malaga

If you want your stay to be near these marvellous monuments, you can find the best apartment in Malaga with the help of Valentina Home. Valentina Home are a group of experts that have stunning apartments right in the historic city centre, all with great reviews.

But Málaga is much more than history. The city’s main attraction is its beach. Located in the Costa del Sol, Málaga has some of the most stunning beaches you can find by the Mediterranean Sea.

Having the time of your life in Madrid

A must place to visit when you are in Spain is Madrid. It is the biggest city on the country and its capital. The city is full of life the whole year and has a lot of places to uncover, like The Royal Palace or the beautiful Square Puerta del Sol. Meet the city of Madrid on Segway, a team designed for user safety. The best way to get to know the city of Madrid, in addition you are accompanied by an experienced guide who will show you the main monuments and tell you their stories.

Madrid also has a very rich nightlife. After a day of tourism you can always relax and have fun on one of many clubs the city offers. Or if you are looking for a more cultural experience, there are often life performances of flamenco around the city, so you can enjoy Spain to its fullest.

Travelling to Cancun in family

Cancun is a beautiful city located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. The city main attraction is its idyllic beaches by the Caribbean Sea. Over the last years, Cancun’s tourism industry has been specialising on the family holiday market, making this city one of the best options if you are planning to travel with your loved ones.

You can find Cancun’s greatest family hotels in Playa Mujeres. This five stars resort is located by the sea, only fifteen minutes away from downtown Cancun. The resort installations include luxurious suites, a 18 holes golf course, a private spa centre, five different restaurants serving food from all around the world, three bars, a gymnasium, etc.

But what makes this place the best All Inclusive Resorts is that it is especially designed keeping the necessities of the whole family in mind. While adults can relax on their multiple installations, kids have their special place as well. With their Doodle Land® program, kids can entertain themselves through interactive activities designed to potentiate their creativeness. Estudio Playa Mujeres is also pet friendly in case your family includes any furry friend.


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