4 Reasons to Consider a Staycation This Year

reasons to staycation uk lake district

4 Reasons to Consider a Staycation This Year

There are many reasons to consider a staycation this year. The weather we seem to be having should be reason alone, with the recent heatwaves hitting the UK and a prediction for a warm Summer ahead there’s never been a better time to holiday at home. There are a lot of benefits to taking a staycation, and some would say they will always beat holidays abroad.

Explore more

We’ve all been there, made a list of places near by that we’ll one day tick off our bucket list but never actually get around to doing it. Why not use this as an opportunity to visit those local attractions and explore more, this might be the perfect way to discover some hidden gems too. It’s easy to take where we live for granted so staycations can help us appreciate home a little more! There are some fantastic destinations right on our own door steps, often much easier to get to then you’d think. Why not take a day exploring the sea side if you can, or a local forest or lake? There’s so much to do! Check out Visit Britain to get some ideas.

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Save money

Staycations can be a handy way to save some pennies, whilst still fitting in a lot of exploring, there’s no need to sacrifice a good time! If you still want to get away for a few days, then think about saving some money on accommodation. Booking to stay in a hostel can be an easy way to do this, you don’t have to slum it though. You can book yourselves a private room, so you don’t have to compromise on privacy. Brands such as YHA offer a multitude of options including hostels in London and throughout the country. So, whether you fancy a city break or escaping to the beach, there’s something for you!

More Flexibility

When it comes to staycations, they often offer more flexibility when it comes to holidaying. You’re not tied to any departure times, transfers or scheduled day trips. If you decide you want to switch things up or leave to go somewhere a little early, this is much easier on home soil. This is also a benefit if you’re not the best with running on time and saves you the hassle of trying to rush through any airports. If you have a family to try and organise, having that extra flexibility can be a major benefit to your travelling experience.

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Try Something New

A great opportunity to try something new, maybe you’ve always wanted to try a water sport or pick up a new hobby. If there’s a group of you with some time off together, then why not plan in a group activity such as white-water rafting or even spending an afternoon at Go Ape. Having the opportunity to take some time off to just relax can give you the chance to try something different. Often when we go away, we tend to do the same thing which can be a lovely way to unwind. However, you can still take the time to do this at home but throw in a new activity too which could unleash a new passion.

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