3 Most Desirable English Speaking Countries for Travel

Most Desirable English Speaking Countries for Travel main

Coming up with your next travel destination is hard work, especially when there are so many factors to consider. If you’re planning to go on a holiday someplace new, you need to pay attention to several things. First, the customs vary from country to country, so you must get acquainted with that. Then, you have to think about the distance, cost of living and how much money should be enough. Last but not least, you need to check what language is spoken in the country you’d like to visit. If you are proficient in English and can’t be bothered with learning a new language, think about visiting an English speaking country. To help you choose your ideal travel destination, we’ve created a list of the most desirable English speaking countries people are flocking to – read on to learn what they are.

The Netherlands

Widely known as the country with high living standards and a particular brand of lifestyle, the Netherlands is also one of the best travel destinations. With its slow pace of life and the emphasis on freedom, this country offers a wide array of activities, such as discovering the Dutch countryside by bicycle and sipping your coffee on one of its famous strandpaviljoen. Other than being a delightful tourist destination, the Netherlands is the country with the highest ranking in English language proficiency.

The Dutch mastery of the English language is closely related to the fact that strong English skills lead to a strong business. In order to ensure its global presence and market access to two billion English speakers worldwide, the people of Netherlands have made it a priority to become as fluent as possible in this language. English proficiency is not the only thing this country is great at. When measuring the overall happiness index in all of the 156 countries, the Netherlands ranked fifth, which implies the overall satisfaction of Dutch citizens with the quality of their life there. If you’re eager to travel to a new country, it’s good to check how well it ranks on the list of the happiest countries – if living there is happiness-inducing, then you’re probably making the right decision if you opt to travel there.

Most Desirable English Speaking Countries for Travel singapore



English in one of the four official languages spoken in Singapore, alongside Malay, Tamil, and Chinese. Singapore has a bilingual education policy, and English is taught to all students in government schools as their first language. In recent years, Singapore has taken the initiative to make English the medium of instruction, causing it to leapfrog Norway and Denmark, and rank behind Sweden and the Netherlands, making the top three of annual ranking in English proficiency.

This is the highest-ever ranking for an Asian nation, so it’s no wonder Singapore’s success serves as an inspiration to other regions of the Asian continent. This is especially noticeable in Hong Kong, often referred to as “Asia’s world city” due to its cultural diversity. It’s one of the most bustling and vibrant cities in Asia, but also a major metropolis, with almost half of its residents fluent in English. Since there is still room for improvement, many Hong Kong residents choose to take English lessons. Many of them opt for the Monkey Tree ESL course to further improve their English language skills. This English learning centre offers a range of courses to accommodate your language skills and learning capabilities, enabling you to study at your own pace and master the art of this language.

Most Desirable English Speaking Countries for Travel main sweden

Stockholm, Sweden


Sweden is another country that ranks high on any list of non-native English speaking countries. One of the reasons why the majority of Swedes are fluent in English is the fact that the English and Swedish sentence structure are very similar. The cosmopolitan Stockholm is one of the areas of Sweden where English is being spoken on a daily basis due to the fact that it’s the “working language” of many workplaces in the country’s capital.

With the majority of Swedes speaking English with a flawless accent, Sweden has never been ranked out of the top five non-native English speaking countries in the eight years the survey has been published. Other reasons why Sweden has been so successful with English language education are its open culture, an affinity for travel, and the fact that Sweden is a relatively small country. The power of media is another underlying factor that largely contributes to the country’s proficiency in English since it provides an opportunity to learn a language through a form of entertainment.

There you have it – the list of the three most desirable English speaking countries you can visit without worrying about the language barrier. Hopefully, we’ve provided enough information for you to decide which country should be your next holiday travel destination.


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