How to Organise Your Holiday in Spain

How to Organise Your Holiday in Spain beach

How to Organise Your Holiday in Spain

The Spectacular Charms of Spain

Spain is a picturesque country that keeps attracting an uncountable number of tourists each year. Some of the features that draw people are the brilliant and lively festivals, fascinating nightlife, tasty cuisines, and easy going culture – not to mention the captivating beaches.

Spain is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is located at the western part of the Mediterranean sea. Here you can find a variety of the world’s most spellbinding beaches. However, the physical attractiveness of Spain and its atmosphere is much more than soft, sandy beaches. The landscape is diverse and ranges from luxurious meadows and immaculate mountains to immense wetland and stretched out deserts.

In the countryside, you can find preserved villages which have remained the same for centuries, left in a state of ageless beauty and old-world glamour. There are also vast regions of natural reserves which are carefully preserved.

How to Organise Your Holiday in Spain malagaMany cities and islands in Spain are notable holiday destinations. Malaga, a beautiful city in Spain, is one of the oldest and most famous seaports in the Mediterranean. It has a rich history which can be seen in the monuments and landmarks. Nevertheless, there is more to this city. Malaga offers breathtaking sceneries of the Costa del Sol, great weather conditions, a magnificent culture, and splendid expanse of beaches. Malaga airport car hire can take you to nearly every part of this alluring city. You can hire a car from Malaga airport for a day or a shorter duration.

Tourist attractions in Malaga

Lush palm trees line the stunning seaside and a tropical plant life thrives throughout the alluring city. Some of the things to do and see in this awesome place include the following:

An ancient Moorish Castle (the Alcazaba de Malaga):
This was a fortress of Moorish kings built around the ninth century on a dilapidated Roman stronghold. It was later rebuilt in the eleventh century. Muslim rulers, in charge of the town at the time, governed from the castle for several centuries. It is a place of immense advantage because it is situated on Mount Gibralfaro. A number of the remaining segments of the towers are still visible today.

The Cathedral:
The old town of Malaga is overlooked by a cathedral. It is an impressive 16th-century twin-towered exterior which stands on the former position of an old mosque. Visitors are usually overwhelmed by the impressive interior and immense size. In the Cathedral’s Capilla del Rosario, there is a painting of the Virgin Mary with Saints by Alonso Cano.

Botanical Gardens (La Concepcion Jardin Botanico):
It was designed by the Marquis and Marchioness of Loring in 1855. In these gardens are elegant Mediterranean, tropical, and subtropical plants. The different flora are from all over the world. La Concepcion is therefore a collection of different world gardens which gives it a unique variety of outlooks. It encompasses three hectares of gorgeous species, tropical flora, and rare flowers.

Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation Birthplace Museum:
It is a must see for art lovers. This remarkable museum is situated in the very house where Picasso was born and it showcases 233 works of art by this famous artist. It holds a collection of Picasso’s entire life and art works.


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