Your Guide to the Ultimate Stress-Free Marbella Hen Party

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Planning a hen party can be a daunting task. Getting a large group of people organised, agreeing to the dates and the activities can be a real challenge. But ultimately the goal is to make amazing memories with your girlfriends and to say goodbye to the Bride’s single life in style.

This is why Marbella is perfect for any classy hen do. It has everything you could possibly need for entertainment and it’s situated on the beautiful Costa del Sol with true Mediterranean vibes. If you are looking for sunshine, impossibly blue sky and sea, amazing food for all tastes and a chance to party in one of the most glamorous locations in the world you are in the right place. Here are some hints and tips to make planning just that little bit easier.

Sort out the logistics early for the best prices

One of the hardest parts of planning a hen do is getting everyone to agree to the dates and commit financially. If you’re dealing with more than six people in the party it can become impossible to reach consensus.

Your best bet is to agree on Marbella – after all it has something for everyone, and get agreement on the dates from the bride and bridesmaids only. For your own sanity everyone else can either make it or they can’t. A ruthless approach, but as the group gets larger it is pretty much the only option. The nearest airport to Marbella is Malaga, which is one of the busiest airports in Spain with flights from all over the UK so if anyone can’t commit by your deadline – it doesn’t rule them out entirely. They will just need to make seperate travel plans.

Always overestimate how much it will cost, and get payment up front. People are far happier hearing the trip is suddenly cheaper, rather than the price keep going up and remember to include things like malaga airport transfers in your price. Marbella is around an hours drive from Malaga airport, and with a group a private transfer is far more convenient and cost effective than you might expect.

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Sometimes hotels are not the answer

Hotels are great. Everything you need in one place, an army of staff to look after you and if you choose well great facilities. Great for a holiday.

But this is not just any holiday, this is a hen party and there are a number of reasons why hotels just won’t cut it.

Firstly, hotels are pricey. Usually the most you can fit to a room is just two, possibly four if you go for a studio apartment style. You run the risk of ending up with your group split all over different floors which kind of defeats the object when it comes to girly bonding with people you rarely get to spend quality time with.

Added to this, hotel facilities get busy. Nobody wants to be rushing down to the pool at 6am to bag a sunbed. There is also very little privacy if you and the girls want to do some fun games and dancing before you head out for the evening.

A far better option could be a large home or villa, preferably with a private pool, so that you are all in together and can avoid some of these pitfall. You can even book somewhere with a few extra beds at relatively little increase in cost for all those last minute confirmations.

Plan out your activities and parties and book them in advance

One of the great attractions of Marbella, is the amount of choice when it comes to activities to keep the girls occupied during your stay. After all, while relaxing by the pool or on the beach is nice, it is also great fun to try something new. For relaxation there are plenty of spas available to choose from, with massages and beauty treatments to help you prepare for or recover from a night out.

If culture is more your Bride’s thing, then there are a huge number of options on the Costa del Sol to see a little history, architecture and art – especially in Malaga itself which is not too far away.

And of course, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to partying. From gorgeous chill out bars where you can sit and relax with a cold cocktail, through to an epic boat party Marbella has everything you could need.

You will also want to consider heading to Puerto Banus, well known as the playground of the wealthy and a great place for the ultimate glamorous night out. It is also well worth planning in a little shopping time here, the high end designer stores are amazing. Just be prepared for a hit to your bank balance.

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Do your research when it comes to food

We have all done it when visiting a new place, not research where to eat and ended up walking far more than is necessary while avoiding a decision.

Be sure to ask your group if anyone has any special diet they need to follow, or specific likes or dislikes. You don’t want to turn up at the best seafood restaurant in Marbella only to discover that half your group hates fish and the other half is vegan or has a shellfish allergy.

Then do your research. It is so easy online now with maps and reviews, and most restaurants these days have great websites complete with online booking and downloadable menus. So with a bit of work you can find things that suit everyone and by booking in advance at least you know your group will be catered for.

Don’t forget to also figure out where the supermarkets are for those essentials, wine, coffee and water, and the replacement hairspray you couldn’t get through security in your hand luggage. Your group will thank you.

So you see that booking a weekend away for the girls, even for larger groups doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might think. When it comes to a hen party Marbella is the perfect choice, and with all your excellent planning you and your girls can just sit back and enjoy yourselves.


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