Guide to Food and Wine Pairing Assists Brit Foodie Travellers

Food and Wine Pairing Guide olivers travels euro

Interactive Food and Wine Pairing Guide Helps Travelling Euro Food Lovers

Knowing what is the best wine to match with your food can make the difference between a good meal and a great meal.

But finding the right, delicate balance between the food on your plate and the wine in your glass can be a trial of time and patience, as well as a financial drain. And when you’re travelling and discovering the new and exciting textures, flavours and spices of different cultures and cuisines, finding a perfect wine match can be extremely difficult.

That’s why Oliver’s Travels have designed this interactive food and drink map – an easy-to-use guide that shows some of Europe’s most popular travel destinations by country and then the regional food highlights therein. Beside each classic regional dish there’s a recommended wine to go with it.

Food and Wine Pairing Guide olivers travels europe

“No better way to understand a destination than through the food and wine of its people”

One in ten Brits now choose a ‘gastro holiday’ as their vacation of choice, with the local cuisine a key factor in their destination decision making. Brits are becoming more adventurous with their food too – with more than a quarter of all gastro holidaymakers choosing to head off the beaten path when dining abroad.

Winemaker Omi Sido says: “There is really no better way to understand a destination than through the food and wine of its people. A lot of my friends and colleagues will go on a ‘gourmet’ holiday this summer to a destination where the local cuisine is the deciding factor. What’s better than going somewhere exotic, eating good food and relaxing.”

So, if you’ve ever wondered what you should be drinking with your Lomo con Col in Ibiza, your Dakos in Greece or even your Hot Pot in Lancs, you now know where to go.

To download a portable version of Oliver’s Travels’ Food and Wine Pairing Map, visit here.


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