Iberian Expansion of Emovis Tag Means Brits will Save Time at Tolls

Iberian Expansion of Sanef Tolling Tags Means Brits will Save Time at Tolls sunset

UK drivers can now look forward to hassle-free toll payment in Spain and Portugal, thanks to the expansion of an automatic toll payment system.

Emovis Tag already provides 155,000 UK customers with a tag used on French motorways to pass through toll booths without stopping. These are now being extended to UK travellers heading to Spain and Portugal, where most motorways are tolled.

The expansion to the business comes after official figures revealed Spain enjoyed a record number of British visitors in 2016, and Portugal continues to be the cheapest holiday destination for UK travellers.

Steve Turner, spokesperson for Emovis, explained: “For the past six years, thousands of UK motorists driving in France have benefited from our service that removes the hassle of stopping to pay tolls with cash, enabling them to drive straight through.

Iberian Expansion of Sanef Tolling Tags Means Brits will Save Time at Tolls sun

“Saving both time and stress”

“We’re excited to now offer the same time-saving and hassle-free service to UK-based customers driving on the thousands of miles of motorway in Spain and Portugal, which hasn’t been possible up to now without a European address and bank account.”

Now for the first time, Brits can register and pay for hassle-free travel on motorways in France, Spain and Portugal, rather than rummaging for small change or facing toll booth queues, saving both time and stress.

The Emovis VIA-T tag, costs just €10 with a further €20 refundable deposit and then an annual charge of between €6 and €16, depending on how often you use it. The toll charges are additional.

As vehicles pass tolls, the uniquely referenced electronic tag, or transponder, which is placed on the windscreen close to the rear-view mirror, is automatically read, and the toll fee taken from the customer’s British bank account by Direct Debit up to 60 days later.

Iberian Expansion of Sanef Tolling Tags Means Brits will Save Time at Tolls europe

“Quickly produce cost savings”

The new initiative will benefit Brits driving their own cars abroad and who use tolled routes.

By investing in a Emovis VIA-T tag, motorists, will be able to use the automated lanes and drive straight through toll barriers without any delays, or the need for local currency. Not only that, but drivers heading for Spain and Portugal can also get a Galp fuel discount card with their purchase of their VIA-T tag, saving up to €0.07 a litre on fuel.

Mr Turner added: “Many travellers may feel their best option is to hire a car with a tag already fitted, but that can often cost around €35 extra for a typical two-week holiday, while the actual toll cost might be just €3 to €5. So, buying your own tag can quickly produce cost savings, as well as making the journey a lot easier.

“Buying a Sanef Tolling tag in advance of your trip means you can simply fit it to the hire car as you would your own vehicle, and enjoy a swift, stress free journey with fees automatically settled via Direct Debit.”

To find out more about Emovis, visit emovis-tag.co.uk


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