Examining the Chernobyl Excursion with StalkerWay

Examining the Chernobyl Excursion with StalkerWay main

The 2010s have become the years of the renaissance of the Chernobyl topic. A line of famous video games, novels, and episodes (have you watched HBO’s Chernobyl?) show that people are still eager for a so-called ‘Soviet post-apocalypse’ topic. It seems people are interested, whether they are enthusiasts or not.

But movies and games cannot render the full set of emotions as a live trip. Luckily, it is now possible and affordable to order a trip to the Chernobyl zone and see the mysterious territory of the biggest disaster of the 20th century. For instance, Ukraine has got a range of extreme tourism providers ready to arrange a one-day Chernobyl tour for you. One of the most experienced and reliable is called StalkerWay. Let’s get to know what they are all about.

Examining the Chernobyl Excursion with StalkerWay room

Variety of Places to Visit with StalkerWay

StalkerWay is a company with about 10 years of experience in Chernobyl excursion arrangement. The company’s experienced tour guides have been searching for the most spectacular and fascinating places of the Chernobyl zone to visit. Here is what you are going to see:

  • Town of Pripyat– a silent lifeless town near the Chernobyl nuclear plant that used to be home for the personnel and families. Being a model Soviet city, it is full of typical architectural sights. Plus, it is a perfect example of nature’s struggle with humanity: after over than 30 years of abandonment, the city has become overgrown with trees and vegetation.
  • The Red forest – a famous forest where you can observe the full impact on nature cast by the nuclear disaster. It holds much mystery and suspense for visitors.
  • Kopachi village – a village with a famous kindergarten. Also, our clients will have a chance to speak with returnees and those who refused to leave.
  • Finally, the nuclear plant itself. Only StalkerWay’s clients will be guided to the nearest possible point to observe a nuclear plant. This is your chance to see the symbol of man’s carelessness and irresponsibility.

There are many more interesting places to observe, take a photo and study. StalkerWay aims to create the most complete trip for you and your friends.

Examining the Chernobyl Excursion with StalkerWay tv

Is It Safe to Travel with StalkerWay?

For StalkerWay, the safety of clients is the company’s biggest concern. They conduct training and preparations before every trip. You will always be guided by an experienced person ready to help if needed. Clients are provided with equipment and legal documents. However, it does not mean you should travel light. Here is a minimal amount of things you need to take with you:

  1. A personal document that can prove your identity and the right to stay in Ukraine, if needed (ID card, passport).
  2. Set of personal medicine – a guide will provide you with a medical kit if needed, but if you are obliged to take any specific medicine, bring them with you.
  3. Clothes and accessories according to the season and weather – be ready to walk through high grass and under the rain.
  4. Personal food, if needed – you will be provided with meals, but if you require any special food, it is recommended you take it with you. The same goes for snacks and water.

Consider it a country trip and prepare yourself accordingly. All clients of StalkerWay get insurance, so it is absolutely safe to travel with them. For a relatively little fee, you will get a full spectrum of emotions and turn another page of your life achievements.


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