Canary Islands – The Place to Discover

canary islands place to discover maspalomas

Canary Islands… the Place to Discover

The Canary Islands are the gateway to siestas, long sun-drenched days, seaside villages, sangria and sandy coves all set against backdrop of mountains and volcanoes. This much maligned and underrated destination has a lot to offer.

The Canary Islands are formed as a volcanic archipelago, thrust from the floor of the sea, giving way to the most unique and dramatic landscapes for holiday destinations. They are actually formed from volcanic tips and this is the reason for the diverse and contrasting environments, from tropical forest, to giant sand dunes and moon-like lava desert expanses.

It is not just the dramatic and almost prehistoric landscape that dominates the islands, there is a dramatic wealth of natural beauty, from lush green pine forests, sandy coves and rainbows of gold, black and white sands leading to quaint seaside villages and busting town centres.

The Canary Islands are made up of seven large islands and some smaller islands, all enjoying a wonderful constant climate with a mild temperature throughout the year, making this the perfect destination to enjoy whatever the season. The major islands and destinations are Gran Canaria, El Hierro, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife and Fuerteventura.

Gran Canaria… what does it offer?

This island is set off north-western Africa, one of the most popular destinations for holiday makers. There are roads encircling the whole island, extending up to the vast pine forest mountain peaks, making it a perfect destination to explore beyond the seaside resorts. The island is renowned for the black lava and white sand beaches.

With soft sandy beaches in the south, the lush green forests in the North and the mountains in the middle, there is a lot to see, do and pack into an all-inclusive holiday to Gran Canaria. The island itself is the size of Greater London, meaning it is easy to navigate and you can pack a lot in on an all inclusive holiday. It might not be the biggest island in the Canaries, but it can offer a lot with some luxurious resorts to create the perfect paradise holiday. Take a look at the Iberostar Gran Canaria luxury hotels to see what they can offer as a luxury experience.

canary islands place to discover maspalomas holiday

Gran Canaria, the island of contrast

Gran Canaria has a mountainous interior with pine forest peaks and the turbulent and tumbling waterfalls of La Palma. Hiring a car to explore this island is well worth considering, in order to experience all that Gran Canaria has to offer. Gran Canaria has been called ‘a continent in miniature’.

More than 120 miles of coastline surround the island, an all-inclusive holiday takes care of the hotel, the accommodation and your entertainment, so why not take the time to consider how to spend your time on the island. With this much coastline, it is essential to take a moment to enjoy the wildlife. Watch dolphins in their natural habitat, take a trip out to sea and explore the island knowing all your basic and essential needs are taken care of through an all inclusive package.

Where to stay

There is a vast array of luxury hotels and spas situated across all resorts across the island. Puerto Rico has an abundance of beach hotels, Maspalpomas has a luxury spa retreat, with diverse and fusion restaurants serving Gran Canaria cuisine such as seafood paella, salt fish and spicy potatoes. For some luxurious surroundings, has a wide selection of hotels at the different resorts to choose from.

Depending on what you want from your holiday you could locate near the capital Las Palmas. Here you can experience modern art, architecture, museums and the more diverse and cosmopolitan side of the island’s offering. Locating near Maspalomas, gives an opportunity to visit the desert-sized sand dunes.

With a constant temperature and a mixture of warm days and cold nights there is always a good time to visit Gran Canaria. Try February and visit the Carnival of Las Palmas. This colourful festival sees locals dress up and dance in the streets. The carnival last for many days, with different celebrations and themes each day, see the Murgas and comparsas, signing and dancing competitions. The smaller events are followed by the Traditional Carnival, where everyone wears traditional white costumes.

What else does Gran Canaria have that I don’t know about?

In the North of Gran Canaria, The Museum and Archaeological Reserve of Cueva Pintada, transports you back to the days when the original islanders, hundreds of years before the Spaniards claimed the lands, roamed the idyllic islands. The Puerto de Mogan, (Painted Cave) is a depiction of how things were during this time.

In the South of Gran Canaria in Mogan, as you relax in the bars of Puerto de Mogan, a fishing hamlet, you will see shoals of scuba divers heading out underwater, surveying the marine life. Mogan also has the most spectacular sunset view and it creates a yearning to live a more simple life.

Gran Canaria can offer the grandest of holiday experiences, blending culture, cuisine, comfort and a cacophony of colour, coast and constant climate, – why wouldn’t you visit?


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