Best Places in Sicily to Relax and Enjoy the Seaside

Best places in Sicily to relax and enjoy the seaside italy

Italy is known as one of the most popular destinations when choosing where to holiday. Thanks to its incredible historical heritage, different nature settings, and extensive culinary scene, Italy has it all. What most people don’t know though is that there is one region in particular that has all the aforementioned qualities directly on its home turf, that being Sicily.

Sicily is the ultimate destination for those that want to vacation in a way that allows them to relax, enjoy the sea, dive into history, and see wonderful places. Furthermore, the accommodation options are great for every type of traveller, especially those travelling with family. In fact, there are many private homes to rent even for short periods of time.

In this case, websites such as wishsicily are great for finding accommodation: for example, in Sicily villas with a pool are very common and the prices for renting them are generally very reasonable. As an option, the villas are great it you have children or are a large group, as you have complete independence and do not have to worry about time and schedules. Although it is difficult to narrow down the list, here are a few places in Sicily that offer a great mix of everything, from the seaside, to archaeological sites, and daytime and nighttime activities as well.


Close to Sicily’s capital Palermo, and a frequent getaway destination for the city residents known as “Palermitani”, Mondello is a popular spot for many. Its beaches vary between being public and private, and are made up of long, sandy stretches where beach goers can enjoy sunbathing and a dip in the turquoise waters. Other than the beautiful beaches, another main symbol of the town is the art-nouveau Charleston building, which towers over the water and also boasts a private beach entry. As you finish your beach day, Mondello offers its visitors quite a number of eating options. Whether you’re in the mood for street food options like arancini or prefer a sit down meal at a local trattoria, you won’t be disappointed.

Best places in Sicily to relax and enjoy the seaside Scala dei Turchi

Scala dei Turchi

Perhaps one of the most iconic places in all of Sicily, Scala dei Turchi is quite the sight. Due to the white rock formation that overlooks the blue sea, the contrast the two entities create is breathtaking. Walking up on the rock formation is not as difficult as it looks, but still requires attention as you walk through. Often enough you may find locals jumping off the more prominent parts of the scala; you can choose then and there if you wish to imitate them! The name “Scala dei Turchi” seems to come from scala offering shelter among its coves to the passenger boats that used to come around. And although the location may not seem like it would be too equipped with eateries or beach bed options, there are actually two very well equipped restaurants along the beach close to the scala.

Isola Bella

The name of this location literally translates to “Beautiful Island” – an appropriate description for such a gem. What is nowadays considered a symbol of Taormina, the island dates back to 1806 when Ferdinand I of Bourbon, King of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies donated the island to the City of Taormina. Over the course of its years, the Isola Bella has had several different owners. However, the one that added the most to the landscaping was the English aristocrat Lady Florence Trevelyan whom Queen Victoria exiled to Sicily. The Lady added tropical plants and different kinds of flora that are still present today. Instead the villa that sits on the island was built by the Bosurgi family after they became the new owners of the island back in 1954.

Best places in Sicily to relax and enjoy the seaside Cefalù


A fishing village overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea, Cefalù is definitely a must. Located near Palermo, the town offers lots of attractions to its visitors. One of the main symbols is the famous two-towered Duomo overlooking the historic centre of the town. If you’re looking for a view from higher up, Cefalù is also known for its rock formation called the Rocca which you can climb up and see the ruins to the “Temple of Diana”. Once all the swimming, walking, and touring is over, of course Cefalù does not disappoint on the food scene either. Fresh fish brought to the restaurants directly by the fishermen is a special treat that can’t be found everywhere- definitely something to enjoy while there!


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