Best Hidden Gems to Visit in Switzerland

Best Hidden Gems to Visit in Switzerland main

If you were always curious about the stories regarding the beauty of Switzerland, you might just be on the right path opening up this article! You are probably familiar with some of the most popular places to visit in the country, but make no mistake, there are many true hidden gems lying beneath the relief of the most famous attractions of Switzerland. Check them out!

Bachalpsee Lake

The beautiful mountain lake Bachalpsee is located above Grindelwald, Switzerland and it is so worth seeing! Imagine a postcard-like view of clear, blue water merging together with stunning and dangerous-looking mountains. The air is fresh and clean, so when you get there, we suggest putting down the phone, taking a deep breath and letting yourself enjoy the wonder that is Bachalpsee.
There are several convenient hike routes to get to the lake so do some research before-hand.

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Best Hidden Gems to Visit in Switzerland lake

Bachalpsee Lake

Stoos Funicular

If you are looking for something a little extreme but also pleasing to the eye, go for a ride on the Stoos funicular. It is the steepest one in the world! It brings you to the beautiful little village located at the foot of the Fronalpstock mountain. When you get off after the exciting ride, you can roam around the premises, and it will only take you 30 minutes to walk across it. Later on, we suggest taking the chair lift up to the mountain to enjoy the fabulous landscapes and panoramic views.

Aare Gorge – Nature Made Phenomena

This is a beautiful section of the river Aare that carves through a limestone ridge near the town of Meiringen, Switzerland. Made by the process of erosion of rocks that go back thousands of years, Aare Gorge invites you to marvel at the deep blue waters set in narrow paths between the interesting patterns of stone. There are special paths and platforms prepared for tourists, so the visit will be completely safe. Absolutely mesmerizing as well, of course. Steep cliffs block a good amount of sunlight, so it will feel like roaming through a dark, magical place.

Best Hidden Gems to Visit in Switzerland canyon

Aare Gorge

H. R. Giger Museum

Even if the name H. R. Giger means nothing to you, you are probably still familiar with his work! He is the mastermind behind the famous Alien movie franchise, which was the immediate inspiration for this museum. When you first walk in, you will probably feel slightly disturbed and very much surprised. Entering the H. R. Giger museum is like walking straight into the alien lair. The bizarre design was created by the author himself and the building is filled with his works of art, such as paintings, interior details, and furniture. We guarantee this will be a very unusual and mind-blowing experience!

Abbey Library of Saint Gall

Probably one of the most beautiful libraries in Europe is located in Switzerland. Many people tend to visit the most popular ones, typically in Ireland or France, but look no more – Abbey Library is a true hidden gem. This place is perfect for literature lovers and romantics, so set some time aside on your trip to let yourself get lost between the shelves. It is one of the oldest surviving libraries in Europe, home to manuscripts written as early as 820 CE. You will get to admire the most beautiful books by authors from all over the world, and the quiet atmosphere in there creates a very museum-y vibe.

Best Hidden Gems to Visit in Switzerland library

Abbey Library of Saint Gall

Sphinx Observatory

“Top of Europe” – that is how the Sphinx Observatory is called. Built after years and years of searching for the perfect spot for scientific viewings, the observatory is now open to tourists as well. Apart from the studious observations, you can admire the snowy Alps, green valleys, and the magnificent Great Aletsch Glacier. The whereabouts are another reason to visit this establishment – mountainside and snowy landscape will keep your interest while driving to the final destination.

We hope you are now one step closer to finishing your itinerary for this wondrous holiday. Fill it up with these hidden jewels and off to an unforgettable Switzerland trip!


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