Alternative Travel Destinations to Visit in 2020

Alternative Travel Destinations to Visit in 2020 main

When researching the best countries to travel to on holiday, more often than not you’ll be met with a lot of the same places in Europe, America, and the Caribbean being advertised as the most popular destinations. However, sometimes it is nice to make a change and step out of your comfort zone, by exploring up and coming new hotspots or taking a step back in time with a more traditional travel destination. So, if you’re looking away to step away from the crowd and try somewhere new for your next escape abroad, here are some alternative travel destinations that you might consider visiting in the new year.


When the majority of tourists decide to visit Germany, Berlin is often the most common destination of choice. However, Germany is a vast country with a rich heritage and an eclectic mix of towns and cities which span from rural and rustic, to urban with a vibrant nightlife. If you’re looking to travel to somewhere a bit different, then why not pay a visit to Koblenz (pictured above), which sits between the banks of the Rhine and the Moselle. As featured in The Crazy Tourist, there are a variety of things to do in Koblenz. For example, this beautiful riverside city is sprinkled with castles and fortresses, making it a wonderful place to go and do some sightseeing. Alternatively, there are are plenty of opportunities to relax around the city, such as on a riverboat cruise, or to sit enjoy the range of entertainment the city has to offer.

Alternative Travel Destinations to Visit in 2020 qatar



It may not seem like the most obvious destination choice, but with its visa requirements becoming more relaxed, Qatar is starting to welcome more and more tourists. While the summers can be a bit stifling in Qatar, the winter weather in this country is much more inviting to the sun-seeking traveller than the UK at this time of year. Qatar has a range of beautiful beaches, a rich history and an eclectic mix of cultures to be explored. Not only that, but Qatar is due to host the World Cup in 2022, so if you’re planning on making any wagers on Unibet then perhaps you could benefit from the opportunity to scope out the host country’s terrain!


Famed for being one of the world’s happiest and most content countries, Denmark has a lot of beautiful places to explore, as chronicled on the Lonely Planet. Modern features meet rustic traditional elements in Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen. From beautiful old architecture to the regeneration of older districts into contemporary restaurants and bars, there is something for everyone in the city. Alternatively, Denmark’s Faroe Islands offer a more isolated, relaxing retreat from mainstream society.


Over recent years, Bali has become one of the most desirable destinations for tourists of all ages and travel motivations. However, while Bali might be living in the spotlight right now, there are plenty of other beautiful destinations throughout Indonesia which may appeal to the traveller who wants to escape the crowds. For example, Sumba Island is slowly gaining recognition for its beautiful tropical rainforest, refreshing waterfalls, and picture-perfect beaches.


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