The Alternative Guide to London

alternative guide to london

The Alternative Guide to London

Sometimes, it’s nice to head off the beaten track, especially when it’s heavily trodden by tourists. If you’re planning a trip to London from Yorkshire (hey, we all gotta to leave God’s county at some point, right?!), you might be wondering what it’s got to offer outside of the usual top attractions, like the London Eye and Tate Modern.

So, to help you uncover some of London’s best-kept secrets, we’ve brought you some wonderful hidden treasures!

Unique, Independent Shops

In London, there are plenty of cool stores, shopping markets and shops you can venture to. However, Camden Market isn’t one of these hip ‘alternatives’. As one of London’s biggest attractions, this is best avoided on an unconventional weekend.

If you really do want to find a quirky market to go to, head to Brixton instead. Here you’ll find a multicultural market which is full of vibrancy and life. There are also some great music venues, cinemas, restaurants and cafés here, too.

alternative guide to london eateries

Top image: @citizenM

Exquisite Eateries

Talking of food, London has got a number of unusual restaurants that are just waiting for you to try. For example, if you’re looking for a truly distinguished place to dine, why not head to the Attendant, which takes on the form of a public toilet, playing homage to its original use.

Or, to taste something unusual, why not venture to Bubblewrap in Soho. You can’t miss it because there’s always a queue of people waiting to taste this Hong Kong delicacy – a cone filled with chocolate, fruit, ice cream and a number of other delicious ingredients.

alternative guide to london skyline

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Lesser-Known Art Galleries and Museums

Even though museums and art galleries are incredibly ‘touristy’, they’re still great places to visit if you’re looking for a bit of culture and history. In London, there are plenty of hidden choices, including the Horniman Museum, which is nestled in the south. You can easily reach this place by public transport and will discover things like natural history, Asian art, musical instruments and even a range of taxidermy!

More central is the Wellcome Collection, which is found near St Pancras International Station and the British Library. It’s home to ever-changing collections that tackle a number of different things, including human rights and health, as well as contemporary art.

alternative guide to london chic hotels

image: @citizenM

Chic Hotels

No stay in London would be complete with a night or two in a boutique hotel. Moving away from the monotony of those cheapy hotel rooms with very little character, these unique hotels in London add even more drama and panache to your visit.

Companies like CitizenM specialise in hotels with a difference, so you’re sure to find something that appeals, regardless of whether you’re a history fanatic or a modern minimalist.

Hidden Gems

Whatever you’re looking for in London, whether it’s a traditional pub, modern opera, an unknown musical or a classy bar, there’s plenty on offer.

For a good night out that’s fuelled with great music, affordable prices and plenty of entertainment, you might want to head to Kilburn. Dubbed the original Irish quarter of London, it’s easily accessible by tube and has plenty of pubs to choose from.

Where will your stay in London take you?

Top image: @citizenM


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