5 Things to Try in Tuscany

5 Things to Try in Tuscany culture

5 Things to Try in Tuscany

You might want to relax and spend your vacation in a new and exciting place. If you haven’t been on tour in Tuscany yet, you should definitely give it a shot. It’s full of many sights to see and things to do that will make your visit worth it.

If you want some ideas, here are 5 things to try while in Tuscany.


Tuscany is known for its rich culture and your trip wouldn’t be complete without a dose of it. Take a side trip to the lesser known places in Tuscany to get the chance to interact with the locals and not just the other tourists all the time.

Another way you get to enjoy the culture in Tuscany is by looking at the art and architecture that surrounds its cities. For instance, its capital city, Firenze, is known for the strong Renaissance influence on its art and architecture.

Just a day alone would not be enough to explore all that Firenze has to offer and that’s just one of the cultural hubs of Tuscany.

In fact, museums and archaeological areas are sometimes even offered for free viewing in order to increase tourism in Italy and Tuscany specifically. If you manage to time your vacation with such a promotion, then it will be a great way to be exposed to culture and art.

5 Things to Try in Tuscany food and drink

Delight Your Taste Buds

What is Tuscany without the mouthwatering flavours of the local wine, cheeses and other culinary offerings? Anyone who visits Tuscany will tell you that a vacation there is never complete without your taste buds getting a treat.

There are several vineyards around Tuscany that you are able to visit to learn about wine-making and, of course, wine-tasting. Some tours are even specially curated to offer tourists an experience that specifically caters to vineyard and winery visits.

The wine-tasting is often accompanied by cheese tasting, as it is another Tuscan pride. However, the culinary experience of Tuscany does not end with these two, as even their dishes are spectacularly good.

Try some at the local shops or even try it yourself with ingredients from the busy marketplaces of Tuscany. That said, Castello del Trebbio is a place where you are able to learn to cook the Tuscan way.

However, if you’re not gifted in that area, then just enjoy the fine culinary taste of the Tuscans with the food in their restaurants.

Enjoy the View

Tuscany is made to be enjoyed by all the senses, but one that is most appealing is the views surrounding Tuscany. In the different provinces and cities there, you will get to experience a variety of views that are simply breathtaking.

Mountains, villages, hidden locations and even the seaside can all be seen in different areas of Tuscany. There is much to be seen and to do, whichever season you find yourself in the region.

Not only that, there are festivals all throughout the year that will give you a glimpse of what it’s like to live there as well as the practices that local people have for these festivals.

5 Things to Try in Tuscany history

Visit Medieval Locations

There are many medieval castles and locations in Tuscany. Some are in Firenze, in Pisa (where the famous Leaning Tower is also located) and Siena. Enjoy a taste of the olden days with the preserved infrastructures and cozy villages.

Some of the castles have even been repurposed to be accommodations for tourists and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to stay in one.

Explore the Outdoors

If you find yourself visiting Tuscany in the Spring, you will see that it is a wonderful time to bask in the Tuscan sun and enjoy the outdoor offerings of the region. There are several parks and botanical gardens all over Tuscany, with those in Maremma, Pisa and Pistoia in mind.

You may also hike up the mountains of Tuscany to see a better view of the surrounding areas in Apuan Park. If you prefer biking down a mountain instead of climbing up the side of one, then the thrilling experience of Abetone is perfect for you.

There are even some provinces in Tuscany that are by the seaside, which are worthy to be visited, as they are usually out of the hubbub of most tourist spots.

Hidden hot springs are also located in some of the mountainside villages of Tuscany, where you are able to relax and feel at one with nature.


If you need a reason to visit Tuscany, we hope these 5 examples of what the region has in store for you has convinced you.


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