5 Places To Visit In The World This Winter

5 Places To Visit In The World This Winter canary islands

5 Places To Visit In The World This Winter

While the autumn is now upon is, it’s not too late to figure out a winter travel plan. You may want to travel for the holidays, or you may simply be looking for a charming place to spend a weekend during the cooler season. Whatever the case may be, there are plenty of spectacular winter destinations all around the world, some close to home and others far away and best suited to longer vacations. In the following list we’ll try to touch on the whole spectrum in recommending some of the best places to visit this winter.

1. Lake Tahoe, United States

The ski resorts of the United States’ Rocky Mountains make for some of the best winter getaways in the world. And while many of the best destinations are located in Colorado and Utah in the American Southwest, Lake Tahoe stands above them all as a total vacation spot. Some of the mountains may not be quite as big or famous but there are several different resort areas in Tahoe, with some of the most stunning natural surroundings in North America, and usually a heavy dose of luxury in the accommodations. If you’re simply looking for a winter wonderland, Tahoe is a destination on par with Aspen, Colorado or the best of the Swiss or French Alps.

2. Canary Islands, Spain

If you’re based in Europe and looking for a relatively easy beach escape as the weather cools off, look no further than Spain’s Canary Islands. Granted they’re not exactly close to much of Europe, but their subtropical location near the coast of Africa lends the islands, as one publication put it, the best winter in the world. It’s actually not piping hot during the winter months but it’s warm enough to hang out on the beach, explore the seven volcanic islands, and spend some time in the water, which can be incredibly refreshing when you know it’s jacket weather back home!

5 Places To Visit In The World This Winter london

3. London, England

London is quite close to home for a lot of potential readers – and quite cold, for that matter. But don’t discount how lovely the city can be during the winter. Specific festivals and events capture the holiday spirit at various times, and even on an average night there are enough indoor attractions to keep the city lively during the winter. Pubs and theatres come to mind, and there are also some incredibly fun casinos in town. That point surprises people, given a seemingly endless string of new arrivals in the online gaming sector specifically out of the UK, but live casinos are still thriving in the area and can be oddly cheerful during the winter. Suffice it to say, there are plenty of ways to stay entertained in this beautiful, if cold city.

4. Harbin City, China

This is a bit of a remote getaway, at least for most of the Western world, but there’s a very specific reason to include Harbin City, China on your list of potential winter vacation destinations. That reason is the city’s annual ice festival, which is one of the more otherworldly events we have on Earth. It’s basically an event consisting of the construction and lighting of massive snow and ice sculptures that essentially become a little town or outdoor museum unto themselves. It’s cold in Harbin City during the winter, as it’s in a northern region of China, but staying in a comfortable hotel and exploring the ice festival makes for a pretty enjoyable winter experience.

5. Sydney, Australia

There’s something to be said, ultimately, for escaping to the deep Southern Hemisphere as well, once the weather starts to cool off. Australia is quite a trek for many of us, but the fact remains that Sydney is one of the most interesting cities in the world, and some of its best weather comes during some of the Northern Hemisphere’s worst. Explore the city, tour the legendary opera house, walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and visit the nearby beaches and you’ll wish you could make it an annual tradition!


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