4 Reasons the Best Holidays Start Closer to Home

4 Reasons the Best Holidays Start Closer to Home

4 Reasons the Best Holidays Start Closer to Home

Sometimes, the best things are right on your doorstep. But everyone knows that, right? Yorkshire’s rolling hills and medieval cathedrals are well documented, yet its airports aren’t. These are your gateways to a whole other world of adventure, and save you travelling halfway across the country just to board another flight.

Without further ado, here are four reasons why the best holidays start from closer to home…

1. Convenience

When taking a holiday, you want to get from home to the hotel in as little time as possible. Why waste precious holiday time on transfer flights to Heathrow or Gatwick only to go through another (potentially longer) wait on arrival? Hop in a taxi and minimise your journey times, that way you’ll have more time to spend sunning yourself whenever you reach your chosen destination.

Stats from Saga Holidays show that more than 50% of over 50s would prefer to fly from a local airport, whereas some went as far as saying that they wouldn’t actually book a holiday if it didn’t start from their regional airport. While these figures might vary between age groups, they point to one overarching trend – convenience is key.

4 Reasons the Best Holidays Start Closer to Home quieter airports

Image by Lance Goyke, used under CC License (CC by 2.0)

2. Quieter airports

Leeds Bradford and Doncaster Sheffield, and Humberside Airport are all far smaller than the country’s major airports. The chances are, this’ll mean fewer queues, both at security and at facilities dotted throughout arrivals and departures. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy a good book. Heck, why not park up at a viewing point and plane-spot for a few hours? It’s perfectly natural to want to start your holiday feeling calm and excited for whatever adventure you’re jetting off to, especially if that involves doing just that on a sub-tropical beach.

3. Save money

The prospect of spending money on a mouthwatering Spanish paella is far more appealing than spending it on petrol bills or train fares. Although you can come across cheap flights with ease these days, you still want to prioritise holiday expenditures over travel costs. Consider the parking costs, too. You’ll splash out far less for a couple of weeks parked in a local airport than you would at a colossal multi-terminal airport jam-packed with half the country’s cars, after all.

If you’re in any need of further convincing, just picture that daily holiday cocktail (or six) you could afford by flying from somewhere nearby.

4 Reasons the Best Holidays Start Closer to Home no connections

Image (and top) by Charles Dyer, used under CC License (CC by 2.0)

4. No connections

Picture the scene. You’ve just spent a good few hours (although it feels like more) on a plane, and eventually it touches down. All your fellow passengers are abrim with excitement, ready to embark on sightseeing or a leisurely lunch. You, on the other hand, are confined to yet more travelling before you can relish in the holiday you’ve been daydreaming of all year. Why not get your journey over and done with in a oner from somewhere familiar and close by?

The perks of flying from a regional airport are twofold. Although Yorkshire’s scenic wonders are among the best in the country (let’s go one further – they’re the best in the WORLD) sometimes it pays to get away. Reap the benefits of local air transport and start your next getaway from Yorkshire.


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