Yorkshire Bands Flawes, Cold Culprits & Fudge Release New Material

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A trio of new releases from Yorkshire artists all previously featured in our ‘Introducing…’ section gets 2021 off in fine musical style.

Breakout Huddersfield trio Flawes have shared their new single, ‘What’s A Boy To Do’. The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, ‘Reverie’ which follows on February 26th.

From its acoustic guitar introduction the song spontaneously erupts into the kind of gloriously uplifting hook that’s quickly becoming a band hallmark. It’s a song that balances the extremes of their sound, finding the common ground between intricately produced alt-pop and the dynamic energy of a live band.

Drummer Josh ‘Huss’ Hussey explains, “It’s about believing in yourself, going for a goal and knowing that even if you fail, you’re still proud of yourself for seeing it through.

York’s prolific Cold Culprits return on January 22nd with a new release, ‘Great Escape’.

The indie rock / alt pop feel channels The Killers, Blossoms and Foals alongside  rock royalty like Neil Young, The Clash and Joni Mitchell.

Finally, Leeds’s rock riot, Fudge have announced a new single, ‘Your Fall From Grace”.

The song is the second to be taken from their forthcoming EP, ‘The Town Hall Session’, the historic Leeds building where the EP was recorded and filmed live.

Vocalist Cam said: “The song was inspired by life in Leeds, the party scene, getting with girls. Otto came to me with the guitar part, which is quite different from the usual riffs he comes out with. The song is speaking to a girl you’re close to in the present, and about how she may feel in the future. Will all the stupid sh*t you fill your body with week after week be worth it when you’re older? It says that no matter what happens it should be worth it because you’re in it together even though it’s probably stupid. It was a weird song to write for me because it’s different to our normal stuff and a weird topic, but it’s a fan favourite. It shows a very atmospheric, abstract vibe and I see it as a rebellious love song. The feeling I get from this song is the same as when you’re on your own late at night or early morning; almost surreal. That may sound strange but some of you might get what I mean.”


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