Exciting Things to Do in Bristol

Exciting Things to Do in Bristol skyline

Are you an avid traveller who is planning to visit Bristol soon? Well, if it’s an upcoming holiday vacation, or if you’re looking to rent in Bristol, or if it’s a pretty brief stay at this beautiful city, you must be excited to know what are the best things that you should do!

If yes, then you have already arrived at the right page. In the incredible city of Bristol, there are a myriad of fun engaging, and interesting things to do.

In fact, the city is really filled with so many exciting things that you will definitely enjoy exploring. Now, for your quick reference, this article will list down the “Top Seven Exciting Things to Do in Bristol”.

Quickly have a look at these seven exciting options and get ready to have some fun, adventure, and excitement. Also, please keep reading as we reveal the best things to see in Bristol.

Exciting Things to Do in Bristol bridge

Top 7 Things to Do in Bristol

  1. Take a Boat Ride and Explore the City – Waterways around Bristol are considered to be one of its important assets. So, grab a boat and explore the city from the waterline.
  2. Wheel up across Clifton Suspension Bridge – Do you know Bristol is widely known as UK’s first cycling city? So, wheel up your cycle, make a tour to Clifton Suspension Bridge and witness its picturesque view.
  3. Get High and Head towards Brandon Hill Park – Climb the spiral staircase, head to Brandon Hill Park, witness the beauty of the entire city in one go, and explore many other marvelous vantage spots.
  4. Visit At-Bristol – Visit this famous science centre to enjoy the ongoing exhibition, live shows, and fun activities.
  5. Explore Bristol’s Unique Street Work – To explore the impressive street work, make sure to visit Stokes Croft and Dean Lane skatepark.
  6. Foodie’s Delight – Visit the local food stalls and restaurants in Bristol to enjoy mouthwatering delectable delights at pocket-friendly prices.
  7. Other activity options include visiting air hop, playing a board game, and heading towards Werburghs City Farm (for a quick break from the hustle & bustle of the city).

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