Australia’s Iconic Rock Uluru Closed to Public

Australia's Iconic Rock Uluru Closed to Public main

The most iconic rock in the world, Uluru is closed. So what should travellers do now? As you may know, Uluru , also known as Ayers Rock, was the top bucket list destination of hikers around the globe but has been suffering from erosion due to the concentration of footfall.

Therefore the Australian government took the decision to close Uluru at the end of October 2019. So what should tourists or hikers now do in Australia, other than hiking?

Uluru as a sacred place for local Australian tribe

Australia is well-known for its Aboriginal people and these ancient tribes have their holy sites. Uluru is indeed one of the most sacred places for one renowned tribe, the Anangu tribe. They have been seeking ownership of Uluru from the moment it was made a tourist destination.

In 2017, the national park owners who control Uluru decided to give tourists access to the rock for two more years. But October 2019 was the last time tourists could climb Uluru – and some emotional scenes were witnessed on top of the rock as people said goodbye to this special location.

Tribe representatives are happy with the decision because their sacred place is now protected. In fact, the Anangu people think that no one should ever touch or climb their most sacred landmark.

Australia's Iconic Rock Uluru Closed to Public ayers

Uluru is closed, what to do now?

Australia is not limited to rocks and climbing destinations. We can share with you some other destinations for your unforgettable journey.

Sydney and Brisbane for gaming lovers

If you are a gaming lover, then you should visit Sydney or Brisbane. Both cities have become world-renowned locations for gaming fans.

Sydney is more popular because it’s a hub for the Australian Casino operators. Lots of operators gather in Sydney and Brisbane, so if that’s your thing you’ll be sure to have a good time.

The gaming industry is very fashionable in Australia and the country’s budget obtains significant revenue from the Casino industry. Most of the operators from Australia are dominating not only the offline industry but also the online world. Australia has a robust legal framework for the gaming industry – a key reason why gaming lovers gather in the country from all around the world.

Australia's Iconic Rock Uluru Closed to Public opera

Opera House

Don’t forget to visit the Opera house in Sydney. It’s one of the most iconic destinations in the whole world. People travel to Australia to visit the Opera House alone and Sydney guarantees a memorable experience.

The Opera House doubles as a multi-venue centre of art and hosts most of the big art events in Australia. So if you are a real lover of art, then the Opera House is the right place for you. Sydney’s local government also built many entertainment parks around the Opera House where you can be sure of  a magnificent view of the famous building.


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