Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her 2017

valentine's day gift guide for her 2017 tielle towels

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her 2017

Best Valentine’s Gifts for Women

by Julia Paddon

While I’d never suggest that boys need a helping hand on Valentine’s Day, the urban legend about the guy who ordered a pizza and then cut it into a love heart still haunts me (and yes, it was his favourite flavour).

So for those fellas who actually want to give something memorable, beautiful and worthwhile this Valentine’s Day, enjoy our Gift Guide, where satisfaction is very much guaranteed…

valentine's day gift guide for her 2017 tielle love luxury Grey Alaskan Fox faux furAnd we start in the lap of luxury. Tielle towels (pictured above) give a luxury spa feel to your loved one’s bath linen, enveloping them in extra fine, 100% cotton yarn. Perfect for relaxing together. Couple this with a sumptuous faux fur oyster grey throw (right) to add luxury to that other important room, the bedroom.
Towels £45, throw £150 from

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her 2017 lena chatham bootsShoes and boots are, as all boys should know, vital to a woman’s existence. British company Chatham have one of the best collections we’ve ever seen, from deck shoes to boots, from casuals to waterproofs.

Take a long look through their site – you won’t go wrong with your selection. Or you could take our fail-safe advice and plump for this lovely knee-high leather boot in contrasting shades with neat buckle accessory. Gorgeous.

Chatham’s Knee-High Lena Leather Boots, £90.30 from Chatham.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her 2017 skgSKG. EDEN is West Yorkshire’s finest luxury e-florist, specialising in bespoke and sought-after bouquet box arrangements. The company sources the most beautiful, luxurious blooms and every collection is finished with perfection.

They are the ultimate gift for your loved one and will always leave a lasting impression.
Red roses midi collection, £80, Grande collection starts from £110 (pictured £140). For more info visit, Instagram: skg_eden or Facebook: SKG. EDEN

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her 2017 cosy cashmere top red

Gorgeous cashmere top (picture right) in a deep Valentine’s red that has the added bonus of coming from a Yorkshire company. There’s a feast of 100% cashmere products on the Cosy Cashmere site (they’re based in Halifax), but we like this side-split top as it can function as dress-up or casual.

It’s a win-win. You will be loved. 
Side-split long cashmere top, £74.75 from

“A thoughtful gift”

Three products for gals who love gadgets (see images below). Firstly, the new Braun FaceSpa is a limited edition specifically for Valentine’s Day. It includes a 3-in-1 cleansing brush, exfoliator and precision epilator to effortlessly remove facial hairs. Leaving only a soft and kissable skin behind.
Want a stat? It’s 200 times faster than normal tweezers, leaving more time for, well, anything you fancy!
Braun FaceSpa Ltd Ed, £99.99 from Boots.

If your partner is anything like me, the chances are she will have hundreds of pics on her phone with no easy way of displaying them properly or finding them easily. Photo Story Deluxe helps you create amazing videos and slideshows from your library of images in HD resolution. Remarkably intuitive and easy to use (I admit it, I’m not exactly a tech-whizz), this might be the best place to store and share your memories.
Magix Photo Story Deluxe, £54.99 from

A thoughtful gift for the keep fit enthusiast, the Polk BOOM BIT Bluetooth speaker allows joggers or gym-goers to keep all their senses active while working out. Unlike headphones, which cut off ambient noise, the Polk BOOM BIT attaches lightly to clothing (it’s only 7cm x 3cm) and allows listeners to experience their favourite tunes while still fully engaging with their surroundings. Safety first.
£29.99 from Amazon.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her 2017 gadgets

“Deep Valentine’s red”

Want to know the fail-safe on Valentine’s Day? A good beauty product, bought with sensitivity.

  1. Ted’s Sugar Sweet Butterfly Mini Beauty Bag is packed full of pamper night essentials that your loved-one will adore. Within this beautiful case she’ll find a 50ml Body Lotion, 50ml Body Spray and Lip Balm – all good quality, all smelling sweet.
    £12 from Boots.
  2. Looking to treat a travel fan? The Ted Baker Residence Home Fragrance range is inspired by some of the world’s most glamorous cities. We tried the Tokyo diffuser with subtle green tea and bamboo.
    £35 from
  3. This delicious scent is perfect for the woman in your life. Bursting with red fruits, this scent features the merest touch of Lotus Flower and Mirabilis Jasmine, along with a gentle trail of Sweet Musk and Creamy Vanilla.
    Light & Dark Delightful, £43.50 from
  4. Succulent, deep and dark fragrance from Estée Lauder, complemented by a deep Valentine’s red bottle.
    £46 from

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her 2017 beauty products

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her 2017: “Mature and romantic”

  1. Simply Argan have just launched Simply Argan Rose Oil, rich in argan and rose oil, suitable for face, neck and décolletage.
    £39 from
  2. A soap that says it all: ‘For the One I Love’ occasion vintage wrapped soap.
    £4.95 from The English Soap Company.
  3. Goya Black Rose ia a mature, romantic fragrance from the 1950s has been re-released. Something classy for a discerning partner.
    £49.99 from
  4. Good products on a budget? No fear. Phil Smith’s Super Smooth Shampoo (£4) and Firm Hold Hairspray (£4) deliver high quality with a sensitive touch.
    From Sainsbury’s.

Want three more?

valentines 2017 nordgreen watchThese beautiful minimalist Danish watches for women from Nordgreen hark back to the founding routes of a watch with a brilliantly classic look which has been redefined for the modern era.

Includes inter-changeable straps, and the look can be redefined for every occasion, helping you coordinate the right look.

Four case colours: silver, rose gold, gun metal and gold. Three dial colours: blue, black and white. Three sizes: 40mm, 36mm, and the Native Lille 32mm.
RRP $209.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her 2017 be goodBee Good’s Weekend Essentials is an ideal travelling companion. What’s inside? Cream cleanser, mini cloth, youth enhancing moisturiser, youth enhancing eye cream, youth enhancing serum plus a Seedball to plant and attract honey bees!
£28 from

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her 2017 happiness is bookGet extra cute with the Happiness Is… 500 Ways to Show I Love You book. It’s a lovingly illustrated volume of 500 things that make a relationship work.
‘Happiness Is… 500 Ways to Show I Love You’ by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, £8.99 from Chronicle Books.



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