Why you should consider online counseling over therapy through the NHS


The internet has significantly changed the way we live, we are not only able to purchase goods and services, chat with friends, check banking details; nowadays you can even get therapy sessions online. Whether you require talking therapy or the more complex psychotherapy, new technology allows you to do just that. Online counseling has numerous benefits as compared to treatment through NHS.

Below are the benefits listed here:

Secure, relaxed sessions

Online counseling is ideal for anyone dealing with anxieties as well as fears of the outside world. For instance, individuals suffering from obsessive behavior, agoraphobia, social concerns who those have experienced deeply traumatic incidents will find counseling on their environment more comfortable.

The agonizing fear of accessing services may, therefore, hinder them from going out to seek help. However, with online counseling, individuals can comfortably access services.

Uninterrupted sessions

With online counseling, clients can seek services from any part of the world without inconveniences. For instance, in case a client moves from one place to another, they may experience challenges locating their preferred therapist.

This may even mean looking for another counselor in their new location. However, with online counseling, you can access the services of your favorite therapist from anywhere.


By choosing online counseling, you save time used on traveling and this is of benefit to people from distant regions. Also, you don’t need to go to the counselor’s office or face the stresses associated with heavy traffic.


Not all clients can afford NHS services; this is because counselors incur some costs for instance rent, utility bills and transport costs to offer the services. However, with online counseling, the counselor doesn’t require to incur any charges to provide the services, thus making the services less costly.


Online services can be accessed from the comfort of your home and at any time you wish. This makes them more comfortable and convenient. Also, online counselors operate 24 hours in a day, so this doesn’t restrict one on time for seeking the services.

Wide range of professionals

With online counseling, the pool of professionals is enormous as compared to NHS services. This is because, with NHS services, one can only get the services of the therapist nearby; however, with online counseling, the options are unlimited.

It’s crucial to note that online counseling isn’t always appropriate for some cases. A skilled professional can access if a client may benefit from online sessions in NHS sessions. Therefore, consult with your therapist to find out if online counseling will assist you in regaining control of your life.


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