What Streaming Platforms Does The UK Have Access To

What Streaming Platforms Does The UK Have Access To

The on-demand market is becoming increasingly crowded. It seems like a new streaming service has become available everywhere you look, making it challenging to navigate what the best options are for your area. For those looking to get rid of traditional cable services finally, streaming offers on-demand television shows, movies, and various programs. Likewise, users can often personalize what shows they’re looking for – whether you’d like kids programming or a sports package.

Different streaming services offer different movies, shows, and TV programs, depending on your interests. Some providers also restrict content depending on the physical address. What might be available in the United States may not be available in the UK (and vice versa). If you’re looking to sign up with a new streaming provider, consider these platforms that offer services in the UK:


This company revolutionized the video rental industry, starting in 1997. They eventually switched to a streaming service in 2012, bringing videos and tv shows into viewers’ homes right from their website. Netflix is available in the UK for a modest £5.99 a month. You’ll find international content, including new movies, classics, and Netflix-produced content.


Home of most HBO and Sky shows Now bases their monthly fee on the specific subscriptions requested. Users can opt for Sky Cinema (£11.99 per month), Entertainment (£9.99 per month), Kids Pass (£3.99 per month), and Hayu (£4.99 per month). While Sky Cinema covers movies on the platform, those wanting to watch UK tv shows will want to subscribe to the Entertainment package. This platform offers plenty of US content, UK television, and original programming.


Although this application is often referred to as a streaming service, it’s technically a media server. This means you can provide your own content to the server instead of paying a monthly fee. Uploaded content organizes on the platform, with the automatic filing of different movies, shows, or programs. Additionally, Plex offers an ad-supported streaming service, complete with both tv shows and movies. There’s live TV, music, and podcast functionality too. For a $5 monthly fee, users can upgrade the service to a Plex pass—bringing live television streaming with an antenna, tuner, and hard drive.

What Streaming Platforms Does The UK Have Access To tv


For sports enthusiasts looking to cut their cable, DAZN is the perfect streaming option. Available on an annual or monthly basis, this streaming service brings many live stream sporting events to the comfort of your home. You’ll find Premier League, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and F1 available online. Users can also access MMA fights, boxing, or Women’s Champions League included in the monthly subscription ($20 a month). As streaming rights vary by country, the live sporting events will depend on where the user lives. Although the range on this streaming service is quite limited, it’s perfect for sports fans wanting to watch their favorite teams without paying for cable (and premium pricing for sporting events).


This streaming service unlocks Disney’s vault in an easy-to-use program, the perfect option for any Disney fan. Monthly memberships start at £11.99, with hundreds of movies and television shows for all ages. This platform breaks down shows into different categories, from Marvel collections to younger audience shows or movies. Popular television series are also available on the streaming service, bringing something for everyone. Most titles are available in 4K, HDR10, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision.


Available as a video-on-demand service within the UK, this streaming service holds many of the most popular movies and shows from British TV. These include many programs from ITV and BBC channels. This streaming service is a niche service focusing on British content. Essentially, it’s the British version of Hulu. For only £6.99 a month, users will find over 300 television shows and countless movies.

BBC iPlayer

While this streaming platform is technically free, users will have to pay the £159 yearly TV license fee. This streaming provider offers high-value content with a user-friendly app. The majority of all BBC programming is available for more than a month, meaning you’ll be able to rewatch your favorite content throughout the year. Users will also access the US network FX, giving additional options to those in the UK. Some content is available in 4K or high-definition, with movies, shows, and child-friendly options.


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