Top Business Design Tips to Make your Sign Stand Out


There is one reason why every business wants to create the best sign, and this is to be as attention-grabbing as possible. How would you discover that a business was in operation if they didn’t hang an LED Open Sign above the entrance? Chances are you would never even know a business exists if it were not for that sign. This reinforces the need to create a sign that your customers will notice easily as they drive past your business or walk by. As the lead graphics designer at Green Light Innovations, I’ve compiled the top tips to help you create great signs that convert.

Choose a Distinctive Colour

Facebook is synonymous with blue, coca-cola red, and Cadbury purple. The above are just examples of brands that have so distinctive color that you won’t even need to be shown their logos to identify them. Color alone can speak volumes about a business. For this reason, there is a need to ensure that you choose a color that will suit your brand messaging. If you are a corporate form, you may want to give trustworthy blue a try. Bright orange, on the other hand, connote energy and dynamism and is best used by those that want to appeal to young children and families.

When choosing a color, you also need to think about the location you will have your sign. Do you intend to put it where there are trees of green leaves in the background? The shade you pick has to contrast with your background. This way, your customers will find your sign without much trouble.

If you want to create a For Sale sign, red is the color you want to use. Because red is often used, customers are likely to know that you are promoting a sale even without them having to read the message on the sign.

Bigger is better

With regards to signs, size matters a lot. Not only is the size of the sign important but also that of the text. It’s recommended to get as big a sign as the place you have to display it. Before you buy a sign, measure the advertising space available to ensure that you are getting the best of your spot.

In terms of the messaging, the trick is to keep it short and at, the same time, sweet. If it’s the sign you hang above your door, something like the company name could as well be enough. However, it can be better if you include a short slogan or a tag line, too.

For advertising, limit the message to as few words as you can. It could be something like “Open for Business” or “Sale Now On”. Remember that having a short message gives you the leeway to make your font bigger and hence more visible.

Select the Right Type of Sign

The location that you have identified to display your signage will have a bearing on the type of sign that you need to make. Below is a quick guide on the types of signs as well as their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Cardboard signs

These are indoor signs that are usually made from completely recyclable board. It’s a temporary solution that acts as short-term advertising.

  • Foam signs

These types of signs are most commonly used at exhibitions and events. They may also be used around the office or in-store. Foam signs are made from incredibly light but rigid PVC material. While they are ideal for being hung up, they won’t be durable outside.

  • Correx signs

This refers to a corrugated material that is used for making For Sale signs. Like foam sign, it is also a temporary signage option that may be used both outdoors and indoors. It’s also recyclable so you don’t need to buy a new one after you are done with it.

  • Aluminum signs

Aluminum signs are most ideal for outdoor use because the material for which they are made is a hard-wearing one. They are a tad bit more expensive than most other signs but the good thing is that they are also the most durable signs you will ever see. If you want a sign that you can attach outdoors, aluminum is the best option.

  • Magnetic signs

Magnetic signs are widely used for advertising businesses on vans or cars. They are simple to use as all you need is to add your logo and instantly advertise your business.

Effective Contrasts

Apart from contrasting your sign against your environment, it’s also important that you contrast different design elements. Your logo is the simplest place to start. Look at your logo keenly. Is it pale, dark, or bright? For a pale logo, make sure the background is dark. Another good option might be white. Generally, pale colors are perfect for a dark logo.

It’s crucial that viewers see your sign from far. This means that you should have a greater level of contrast between your logo color, background, and text. It’s what will give it the attention-grabbing effect that you crave so much.

Include the most critical Information

The golden rule for sign making is that you should never clutter your design with too much info. While the trick is to leave out as much as possible, there are bits of information that you have to include. They include the following:

  • You Logo
  • Business Name

If you can afford a little more room on your signage, or the sign isn’t placed directly above the door of your shop, you may also want to include the following:

  • The telephone number and address
  • Store directions
  • Website (for online businesses).

The main purpose of the sign is to give your business exposure. Therefore, you need to include vital information to enable customers to find you more easily.


With these design tricks, you have everything that you need to create an attention-grabbing business sign. If you still need help, you can call the experts at Green Light Innovations. Having worked with hundreds of businesses to give them visibility, we know what a good sign can do to a business. For a top-notch LED open sign, you only need to call us today. Our design ninjas will listen to your needs and help you craft a Neon Open Sign that brings in customers through your door.


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