Superfast North Yorkshire Will Bring More than Broadband Connections

Superfast North Yorkshire Will Bring More than Broadband Connection main

North Yorkshire is in the midst of being supercharged. Thanks to a joint project between North Yorkshire County Council and BT, next-generation broadband is now being rolled out across the county. The project is being funded by a mixture local, central and European government departments and will bring fibre-optic broadband to all parts of North Yorkshire. For those in rural areas, Superfast North Yorkshire will finally bring modern internet access to so-called “not spots”. However, the project is set to have wider benefits for the county as a whole.

Public and Private Sectors to Benefit from Broadband

For example, work has just started in Selby and Easingwold. Alongside private homes, public sector buildings will benefit from the new broadband service. In total, 370 centres, including those in education and health, will get high-speed internet access over the next 18 months. Commenting on the project, SCD Group Chairman Chris Durkan said it will create new opportunities across the county.

“The roll-out of full fibre across the area will provide major employment opportunities over the coming years and the build will be driven by a local workforce that is genuinely motivated and proud to play a role in such a transformational project”, Durkan told

As well as new jobs in the short-term, fibre-optic broadband has the potential to increase productivity and create new business in North Yorkshire. Even a cursory look at how high-speed internet has revolutionised industries reveals the potential of the project. Streaming, for example, is what it is today thanks to broadband connections. In terms of the basics, Netflix, YouTube and Spotify et al are all able to deliver HD content thanks to high-speed internet services. However, what modern connections have also done is to open up new opportunities.

Superfast North Yorkshire Will Bring More than Broadband Connection comp

New Connections Create New Opportunities

Indeed, streaming is no longer confined to the movie and music sectors. Take a look at modern online casino gaming sites and you’ll see that the technology is being used in unique ways. For instance, at, players can interact with real dealers via live casino streams. Because modern internet connections have the power to process data from HD webcams, players get a uniquely immersive experience that fuses online and in-person gaming. The same goes for social media. Thanks to better internet connections, Instagram Live and the like have made social media streaming stars out of ordinary people.

Beyond the world of entertainment, remote working is also markedly easier than it once was thanks to fibre-optic broadband. Having the ability to not only connect to the internet but share documents, converse in real-time via Skype, search for information and upload data has revolutionised business. The simple fact that people can now work from home (or anywhere they like) means start-ups can reduce their overheads and, in many ways, increase productivity.

This and much more will soon be possible for anyone with an internet connection in North Yorkshire. By giving the county access to superfast broadband, the council wants to enhance local lives. Whether it’s improved access to entertainment services or opening up new ways of working, the project should provide many in the region with a new lease of virtual life. Considering that the rollout is slated to cost £15.1 million, it seems like it will be money well spent.


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