Must-have Smartphone Apps for Studying Abroad

Must-have Smartphone Apps for Studying Abroad main

Studying abroad can be a wonderful experience for people that want to see other parts of the world. Some challenges naturally arise when you do so, but some smartphone apps can help you in a new country. These types of apps should get you started in adjusting to a country that you’re not familiar with.

Maps & Directions

You will need an app that will give you directions and help you navigate. After all, if you can’t read any street signs, then it could make it hard to get to your destination. A map app will lead you to your destination to ensure that you don’t get lost during travel.

Make sure to either memorise the address you’re staying at or save it in your phone. This way, if you get lost, you can find your way back home. Also, you can set the app to speak in your native language to make navigation easier.

Translation/Language Apps

Many apps can translate different phrases said to you and help you learn the language. This will make it easier to understand what others say since you can have a direct translation. After all, you could come across many people that don’t speak your native language.

You can also download apps that will help you to learn the native language. Many smartphone apps work as teaching tools that help you to speak and understand the country’s language. Even if you don’t become fluent, you can still learn important phrases and keywords that will help you in daily life.

Local Events

Some apps can inform you about events occurring in the area. They are great at keeping people up-to-date while sending notifications for upcoming events. This will allow you to participate and enjoy your time in that country. It also encourages you to get out and have some fun experiences.

After all, different events allow you to experience the culture and have fun with others. It’s a great way to expose yourself to a new country that you may not have much exposure to. You can gain friends, have fun and experience what the country has to offer.

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How-to Videos

You may face a cultural difference or something that you aren’t familiar with. You can often access a How-to video online to find out how to address different traditions or cultural differences. How-to videos provide simple instructions and a general idea on addressing different tasks you may need to do in a foreign country.

You can easily access these videos on any app that has access to user generated content. People constantly make how-to videos online, so you can find one to help you with whatever you may need. This simply takes a few minutes of your time to learn something new.

Money Transfer/Banking Apps

You also need a way to handle money while you’re in a foreign country. If you are working on your Masters degree at the University of Cambridge and will be sending money to the Philippines from the UK a money transfer app will be the quickest and easiest solution.

You will need to make purchases while you’re in another country, so having a way to manage your money will make things easier for you. You might want to download your bank’s app as well to help you access your account from your phone and to check on your funds before you make a purchase.

Measurement Conversion Apps

If you’re from a country that uses different measurements than the one you’re in, you will want a measurement conversion app. This could include converting different units such as weight or length. It will depend on your home country and the country you currently study at.

You can also find apps to convert your currency. People see this as important because they might not know how much something costs in comparison to their own currency. By using a currency conversion app, you can quickly find out the price.


While some students may find studying abroad intimidating, apps can assist in the transition process. Download some on your phone to help you adjust to a country.


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