Live Streaming Concerts: 3 Things you Need to Know

Live Streaming Concerts 3 Things you Need to Know main

So you’re in a band, and you’ve got a few shows under your belt, and you want to take your music to a wider audience via live streaming. Great stuff! There is a real audience for it, and providing you can make decent live streams you’ll be able to connect with fans, and showcase what you can do which will land you more gigs.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at live streaming and what you need to know.

It has to be Professional

When you’re live streaming, remember that quality counts. Like your instruments which you probably purchased from or similar business, the better your live streaming equipment, the better your band will come across.

You can use your mobile for this but to get something truly decent you’ll need to invest in, at the very least, a good camera and tripod. There are dedicated offerings for this purpose, and so you should be able to find one without breaking the budget.

If you want to take this to the next level, consider investing in multiple cameras and a camera switcher. This will enable you to position cameras that take in the whole gig and not just a shot of the stage. You can bring the gig to life in this way.

To get the most out of the live stream, you’ll need someone who can operate the equipment and make good choices of when to switch views if you are using a switcher.

Live Streaming Concerts 3 Things you Need to Know concert

Facebook Live is the Platform to be Seen

Facebook Live is the most-watched platform. YouTube is also good, and so you may want to experiment with both platforms.

If you consider, however, that once you stream live from your band’s Facebook page, all of your followers get a notification, then you start to realise why Facebook is so powerful.

Once your stream is finished your fans receive a notification that you had put out a live stream broadcast. If your fans missed it live they can catch up on demand. You can also stream out across Instagram, which broadens the reach of your performance.

Ticket Sales Won’t be Harmed

You may feel that fans will stay at home and watch rather than catch you live, but this has not been the case. Nothing beats a live performance so when you’re playing your heart out using your custom pedalboards like you were channelling Hendrix, rest assured that you will have an audience.

Broadly, after viewing your live stream, around 65% will be more motivated to come and see your next gig. If you’re part of a festival, 30% that saw the event will attend the event the following year.

Live streaming is powerful and is a great way to engage fans. It is not just the gig itself that draws people to your band. You can do band member interviews, pre-gig interviews, a jam session, and maybe a tour of the equipment you chose. Be creative.

Just remember to respond to comments, so fans know you’re reading them. This makes them feel special and part of the band.

Use live streaming well and increase your band’s popularity.


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