The Importance of Staying in Control When Playing Online Casinos

Importance of Staying in Control When Playing Online Casinos main

Online casinos and sites have made betting easier and accessible to millions of people.

The Growth of Internet Casinos

According to Transparency Market Research, by 2026, the global online gaming and casinos market will be worth 128.2 billion dollars. According to the report, several factors have, and are likely to continue influencing the growth of internet-based gaming and gambling; some of these factors are:

1. Disposable incomes: The internet has made it easier to make money. This has given more people a disposable income. A disposable income means more people can spend money on online shopping, gaming, and betting, a fact that has led to the bullish growth of the market.

2. Security: Rarely do you hear reports of internet casinos compromised by security breaches. The fact that these virtual gaming and betting platforms use the latest encryption and internet-security technologies and strategies increases the level of trust users have in these platforms.

3. Reduced stigmatisation: With the internet being what it is today, the stigma once attached to gamblers and gambling has dissipated greatly. Today, professional gaming and betting is an accepted way to generate income.

Like most industries, internet casinos such as online casino Canada have their fair share of challenges mostly in the form of strict regulations, the inherent threat of cyber-attacks, and in some cases, chronic gambling that can pose serious problems.

Importance of Staying in Control When Playing Online Casinos main

Virtual casinos and gamblers need to be proactive about safety and trust. More importantly, both parties—the online casinos and the players or gamblers—need to be very decisive about chronic gambling. Among other things, both parties can do the following to enhance the virtual gaming and betting experience, and to ensure that betting and gambling does not get out of hand:

How to Stay In Control When Gambling Online

The ability to stay in control of yourself and your online gaming and betting habits is the difference between successful and chronic gambling. Here are various strategies that will help you stay in control as you play and bet on online games:

1. Create a budget: When you explicitly define how much money you can spend on online betting month to month, it becomes easier to stay in control of your finances and to exercise financial prudence. Creating a budget for your online gambling habit helps you avoid issues such overshooting your budget and getting into debt or borrowing money for gambling purposes. Because it sets clear limits, a budget also helps you make sound online gambling decisions.

2. Avoid gaming and betting while intoxicated: This one is a no-brainer. Alcohol and other intoxicants impair judgement. Whether you are gambling professionally or for fun, avoiding all forms of intoxicants during a game or while placing a bet ensures you remain in complete control of your gaming and gambling decisions.

3. Stay aware: To exercise complete control while playing and betting on online games, stay acutely aware of your triggers. By staying aware, you can easily notice when you are going on a tilt—a state of emotional and mental confusion. This awareness can help you decide when it’s time to quit. Other triggers to stay aware of include a massive loss in one hand, a long losing streak, and going over budget and daily cash limits.

Gambling platforms like also have a role to play to ensure online gambling does not become a societal problem.

Importance of Staying in Control When Playing Online Casinos computer

How Virtual Casinos Can Help Keep Online Gambling Under Control

At first glance, online betting sites doing everything in their power to ensure users do not become addicted may appear contradictive. After all, is the allure of online gaming and betting not the freedom it gives since it’s available 24/7? Upon deeper analysis, it becomes easier to see that working to ensure online gambling does not become chronic is beneficial to gambling sites/platforms.

One benefit is that of sensitisation. When these virtual gaming/gambling platforms lead the fight against chronic online gambling, it enhances awareness in their users, which is highly beneficial to the platforms. When users know that online gaming and gambling can become an addiction, they are more likely to put in place measures that allow them to gamble healthily month after month —by creating a budget for gambling for example.

Below are several things gaming sites can do to ensure online gambling does not get out of control:

1. Sensitisation: By law, tobacco companies clearly state that, “cigarette smoking is harmful to your health.” Similarly, online gambling sites should openly talk about the dangers of online gambling. Instead of glorifying online gambling, they should proactively inform their users about the effects of chronic online gambling, the warning signs they should look out for, and more importantly, what to do to when gambling spirals out of control.

2. Restrictions: Most respected online casinos have common restrictions such as the amounts one can deposit, bet, and lose; all online gambling sites should institute such rules/restrictions. When gamblers cannot deposit money exceeding a specified sum, bet, or lose a certain amount, chronic gambling becomes easier to manage.


Ensuring that online gambling does not turn problematic is the collective responsibility of online gamblers and online betting sites. If betting sites and players employ the strategies we have discussed, cases of chronic/problem online gambling shall reduce significantly.


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