How to find out the Temperature in London

How to find out the Temperature in London main

The weather in the UK is quite changeable. This should be taken into account when planning a trip there. You need to study the weather forecast beforehand to know when to take an umbrella and when it is time for a cap. One of the best sites with up-to-date data is Meteoprog. Here users can find out the temperature in London and other cities. In addition to temperature, the site contains the following information:

amount of precipitation;
ultraviolet index;
day length;
atmospheric pressure.

In mid-August in London, the temperature drops to +20 degrees Celsius. Walks at night will also require outerwear since the temperature can reach +12 degrees Celsius. Small rain is expected on the weekend with the amount of rainfall about 0.6 mm. Wind speed will reach 5 m/s.

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Weather now on Meteoprog for the UK citizens and guests

Users can check the weather in any part of England. Weather now on in one of the northern cities, Aberdeen, is quite warm. Visitors can choose to view the weather for today, an hourly forecast, or check the weather for several weeks ahead. In the middle of the month, the temperature will approach +16 degrees at daytime, while at night it will drop 10 degrees. It will rain throughout the month, the maximum expected amount of precipitation per day will be 9.4 mm. Wind speed will be up to 7 m/s.

You can watch the weather in Edinburgh right now on Meteoprog. The middle of August will be quite cool and rainy. Don’t forget your umbrella when going for a walk. There will be almost no sunny days, as the sun will be hiding behind the clouds. The ultraviolet index fluctuates up to 5, while the atmospheric pressure is normal and doesn’t exceed 760 mm Hg.

Select a city on Meteoprog

The portal offers a convenient search option. It is enough to follow this link to find the list of all UK cities presented in alphabetical order. Users can also view the weather by region.

The most convenient approach is to study the weather on a map. In the Meteoprog catalog, one can choose, for example, Derby. After going to a new page, a user will see a histogram with temperature changes and then, choose to view the city on the map. The temperature in Derby is slightly higher than in the UK cities listed above. Here, the mercury usually rises to 25 degrees and drops to +17 degrees on weekends. It will get cooler at night, with just +11 degrees Celsius.

The presented site provides the most accurate and reliable weather forecast.


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