How to do the Perfect IG Live that will Bring you Likes


One of the hottest social media trends is that users prefer video content. In fact, this type of post has become so popular that every influencer makes sure that he goes live on Instagram. IGTV offers you the ability to go live on the platform for 60 minutes, so you should occasionally host one. 

In this article, you will find useful tips that will help you be perfect in your IG live. Moreover, after you upload it on IGTV, you can buy real Instagram likes from to boost it.  

#1 Be Sure of the Purpose of your IG Live

The first thing that you need to do before your Instagram live is to determine why you want to do that. For example, if you were always thinking of doing a Q & A, you will need to ask your viewers for questions before your live. Some creators post tutorials, others showcase their products, and others just use it as another medium for a vlog. No matter why you do it, you can still promote it by visiting From there, you can buy real Instagram likes to bring it to more users.  

#2 Use Great Equipment

Another aspect of your Instagram live is the quality of your image and your audio. Live streaming can be a little more casual than your actual posts. However, this doesn’t mean that it can also lack quality. For this reason, use the proper equipment so as to have the best result possible. Your viewers are going to appreciate that you have put the effort to bring them something professional. 

#3 Don’t Neglect to Provide Light Sources

When you are assembling your equipment, you shouldn’t neglect to get some that will provide you with the best lighting. In fact, proper lighting affects your final image more than you can imagine. To improve this, get a LED light ring that can be easily attached to your mobile device. With this, your image will significantly improve and your live will attract more attention. Furthermore, don’t forget to buy real Instagram likes from to continue your promotion even after the live. 

#4 Use an Interesting Background

Before you go live on Instagram, open your selfie camera, and check the background that your viewers can see. You don’t have to go to an empty space but you need to make sure that it is interesting enough. For example, you can light some candles or switch on some lights. However, you don’t need to tidy up your room as this gives a hint of your true self to your viewers, a thing that they will greatly appreciate. 

#5 Create an Outline of Your Instagram Live

Another thing that you need to do to prepare your Instagram live is to write down its outline. It doesn’t have to be detailed, just some bullet points that will help you stay on track. If you are doing a Q & A, write down the questions that you want to answer and if you are hosting a tutorial, take notes on the steps that you need to follow. This way, you will always know what you have to do when you run out of words. 

#6 Post a Pre-Live Story

If you want to have a lot of viewers during your Instagram live, you need to promote it beforehand. Of course, the application is going to notify your followers when you start but some might miss the notification. A more effective way of promoting your live would be an Instagram story some hours before. This way, your followers will all see that you are doing it. After the live, the most effective promotion is to buy real Instagram likes from 

#7 Check the Number of Your Viewers

During your Instagram live, you can see exactly how many people are watching you. This is useful information to know as you can figure out if your promotion was successful. Moreover, if you do those lives frequently, you can check your progress by determining the size of the audience you have gathered. Growing your social media platform requires constant monitoring of every metric you have available.   

#8 Make Sure to Interact with your Viewers

The users watching you like to feel acknowledged. Therefore, you should greet or wave at the screen every time someone enters your Instagram live. Furthermore, read the comments you are receiving aloud and answer them. Don’t be afraid to mention the username of the person commenting as this will only benefit you. When the live is almost over, take some time to thank them for watching you.  

#9 Use a Filter for an Interesting Result

Another trick that will make your Instagram lives more interesting is the use of filters. The application offers you a great selection of premade filters and you can also download custom ones from various users. Therefore, don’t be afraid to add colors, flowers, stars, sparkles, and anything else that will amuse and entertain your audience. 

#10 Hide Offensive Comments

During a live stream, you can bever be sure of what you are going to encounter. One of the biggest problems on the Internet right now is the existence of trolls. These users will join your Instagram live and will destroy it with their hateful and offensive comments. Luckily, the application enables you to filter those comments out so that your other viewers aren’t disturbed.

#11 Have fun and Be Yourself

The most important element of your live is that you should enjoy it. This type of content brings you closer to your followers and the connection you form is something amazing. Make sure that you are always yourself and amaze your followers. This will also help you later, when you buy real Instagram likes from and more users see it.  

#12 Collaborate with an Influencer

Lastly, you can invite another influencer on your Instagram like, just like Travel Mad Mum did. This is a great strategy as the influencer’s viewers will come to your profile.

Instagram live is a refreshing way of getting your followers to engage with your content. When you complete it, visit and buy real Instagram likes to help more users discover it.


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