Developing Electrospinning and Nanotechnology is the Next Big Step for Manufacturers

Developing Electrospinning and Nanotechnology is the Next Big Step for Manufacturers main

Technology in manufacturing is what makes the difference in the supply chain. It can make processes faster, more efficient, and the products stronger and more innovative than ever before. The melding of science and technology is pushing the development and innovation of the production of materials like never before.

Due to the endless possibilities in application and raw materials produced and end products potentially made, one area currently seeing growth is in the field of nanomaterials and the use of the electrospinning machine. Research and development teams across many industrial sectors are increasing the amount of academic research in the field and coming up with some amazing results. The adaptability of the products and the machinery used in electrospinning is making this field the next big thing in production and manufacturing.

All sectors can benefit from the development of nano materials

Many large industry manufacturers are teaming up with academics and researching in the field of electrostatics, across all sectors, in order to see what possible applications electrospinning can have that is not currently being done commercially.

We already know that nanotechnology and electrospinning is being used and researched in the following applications

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Immobilisation of living cells
  • Functional foods
  • Food packaging

But the possibilities do not stop here, and it is branching out into:

  • Biomedical and tissue engineering
  • Cosmetics
  • Delivery of medicines
  • Micro and nano encapsulation
  • Catalysis
  • Energy storage
  • Functional textiles
  • Phase change material
  • Filtration and separation
  • Affinity membranes
  • Compounds and nanocomposites

The ability to use an almost unrestricted number of raw materials, even ceramics and metals and biometric material, in the creation of polymers, mean the end products properties are almost infinite. It really is a field where the limits are the innovation of the research and development teams.

Developing Electrospinning and Nanotechnology is the Next Big Step for Manufacturers lab

Electrospinning machines are highly adaptable

Whether required for a small laboratory or a mass production line, it is possible to build adapted electrospinning machines to suit your particular needs in terms of size and also the properties of the nanomaterial being produced.

For example in the field of medicine, in order to create artificial skin grafts or a protective barrier for organs, the machine needs to be able to produce 3D structures that allow the melding of living tissue. The fibres must be the right size, and the equipment must be developed for this very specific purpose.

It is vital that, in order to achieve outstanding results, the chosen manufacturer of machinery is of the highest quality. It is very important. Particularly when trusting the machinery to produce highly technical fibres like this.

Choosing the right equipment is important

  • Although the principles of electrospinning remain roughly the same, it is the other factors that need to be considered. For example features should include:
  • A simple design and the possibility of using different materials and formulations;
  • that is compact and light in such a way that allows for maximising of space;
  • Constructed with with easily cleanable materials
  • A simple interface for operators that allows for easy use and quick upskilling of researchers or employees
  • A means to easily remove any potential gases produced during the process

Of course cost is also a consideration, but it will be far lower in comparison to the set up of normal manufacturing processes and equipment.

After this, it will be about making sure the machinery meets individual needs as according to the intended usage. Bear in mind that technology does not stand still. It is always evolving and the equipment needs to be future-proofed to a point where it can stand the test of time and still remain efficient and relevant.


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