BoomerTubers Connect With Older Audience on YouTube

BoomerTubers Connect With Older Audience on YouTube main

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, it should come as no real surprise that the older generation is also taking to the internet. Those of us over 50 are becoming increasingly more tech-savvy, and thanks to retirement that means even more time to spend indulging in time exploring the wonders of the internet.

In a report by Google and Ipsos, over half of baby boomers watch video online, with 82% of over-50s choosing YouTube as their go-to video platform. Boomers Google the word ‘YouTube’ over 3,600 times per minute, and now spend more time online each week (19 hours) than they do watching television (16 hours). For the over-50s, the internet has even taken over newspapers as the preferred way of consuming the news.

But, boomers are not only watching video on YouTube – did you know they’re creating them as well?

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“Infectious enthusiasm”

One such creator, or YouTuber as they’re more commonly known, is Yorkshire-based Keef, a 60-year-old whose channel KeefCooks has amassed more than 55,000 subscribers. Keef releases weekly cooking videos showing his subscribers how to cook a variety of tasty dishes, including haggis scotch egg, Canadian poutine, and homemade chocolate eclairs. Keef even partakes in regular livestreams, where he cooks a dish in real time and answers questions as they come in from his dedicated audience.

Keef clearly loves being a YouTuber, and has an infectious enthusiasm which encourages his viewers to try out some of his recipes for themselves. And Keef’s age is clearly not a concern for his audience, with 35% of his subscribers aged 16-34.

“Keef is also obvious proof of a beautiful angel in a human being,” writes on commenter on Keef’s channel, with another writing “This is the best YouTube video of all time.” Comments (both positive and constructive) from viewers are one of the benefits of creating a YouTube channel.

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“Truly refreshing”

Another over-50s YouTuber, Joanna Gordon from The 50 Year Old Vlogger, initially set up her channel when her daughter left home. She found that interacting with her subscribers helped with that initial loneliness, and the filming and editing of the videos kept her busy. “I just found you whilst looking for someone my age on here, you are truly refreshing from some of the other channels,” wrote one of her subscribers.

Keef and Joanna’s channels are proof that you don’t need to be young to make an impact on YouTube, with many older people deciding to take the plunge and become internet stars.

Others who decided to become BoomerTubers include Dereton33, a DIY channel with 64,000 subscribers and over 45,000,000 views, and Tricia Cusden who has 29,000 subscribers dedicated to her fashion and beauty tips for the over 50’s.

Insurance provider Legal & General spoke to a number of over-50s YouTubers to get some insights on what it takes to set up a channel, and they have even put together a handy video featuring tips on what you should do if you want to set up a channel of your own.

Some of their tips include making sure your camera is high so you’re not looking down into the lens (and showing off any unwanted double chins), give your channel a unique name and invite others to take part in your videos alongside you.

So if you’ve ever thought about diving into the world of YouTube why not take inspiration from Keef, Joanna and the other BoomerTubers and start your own YouTube channel? You might connect with an audience you never expected to!


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