In his new article, author Alexander Kud continues to explore the ideas of the previous publication “Transformation of Socioeconomic Relations in the Age of Blockchain-Based Information Platforms”. Its main point is the reasons for significant historical changes in society caused by the widespread use of information platforms.

The author points to a certain pattern in the evolution of humankind. It is based on a gradual progression from important events to analysis and decisions. Success in a certain field of public relations is a reasonable outcome of consequent cause-and-effect relationships. The gained positive and negative experience contributed to such achievements as space exploration, creation of virtual networks and digital currencies: “humanity achieved that due to natural processes of its development…”

But researching the principles and mechanisms of interaction between a person and society did not solve global issues. So far, we have not managed to turn the long-term experience and technological progress into a reliable way of resolving the permanent social crisis.

The author believes that “…a successful future of the entire humankind will be founded on the latest developments in the field of blockchain-based information platforms”. This conclusion was made based on the provided example of the evolution of market relations. In ancient times, they were the reason for creating the first types of money in the form of stones and seashells, which became a force for progress and a kind of a “socio-cultural breakthrough”. The expansion of trade and economic connections brought about a universal trading instrument — coins, and then paper money. They led to forgery, theft and illegal use.


The financial system was significantly changed in 1944. The Bretton Woods agreement gave relevance to money but did not eliminate social contrasts, conflicts and technological disasters. Cryptocurrency also did not rid society of corruption and terrorism. The world became more closed off.

Blockchain as an innovative technology gives hope for resolving the issue of uncertainty by transferring all types of public relations, like economic, social and legal, to information platforms based on blockchain.

The author is convinced that society is actively preparing for the new historic stage of development. Assets in digital form will become the main method for regulating legal relations and eliminating the negative impact of the human factor.

Economy and finance must work to improve society, and technology — help control the use of resources under the conditions of the growing population. The society of the future will be based on “…automated systems of digital asset management and mechanisms based on information platforms”.

The development of Simcord — the Bitbon System — is one of such hardware and software complexes. The use of this blockchain-based information platform will allow for a smart and safe use of resources and replace paper money with digital assets. The traditional understanding of the exchange process with all its negative components will disappear. We will be left with automatic circulation without intermediaries.

What is the result of the future fundamental changes?

First and foremost, the changes will concern socioeconomic relations and later on, the entire society. The absence of intermediaries will give transparency to all interactions in society and its progressive transformation. The creation of an integral ecosystem and active use of blockchain-based information platforms is the new evolutionary stage of relations.

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