Give a Personal Gift With Meaning

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Give a Personal Gift With Meaning

A gift should be given with feeling and emotion. It should be something that speaks to the heart – something that you will treasure forever. It doesn’t have to be expensive – it can be something as simple as a hand-drawn picture by your children. Or a keepsake reminding you of a special time. Here are four personal gift ideas featuring Yorkshire products, produce and businesses.

A special photo gift

Yorkshire has such a stunning and striking landscape, it is one that inspires generations of both amateur and professional photographers. The gift of a beautiful local scene is a wonderful gift to treasure forever. You could also use an online collage maker to create a montage of all the places that you have visited. Think about using photos showing how much Yorkshire changes through the seasons, or how the contrast in the local weather can create stunning skylines. These sort of pictures can create a great feature in your home.

Gift the perfect meal

Yorkshire has so much to offer for the foodie – and not just a perfectly, well-risen Yorkshire pudding. Think of your ideal breakfast, perhaps it would incorporate the traditional pikelet, with smoked river salmon or trout. Then there is a quick mid-morning snack of a piece of parkin, washed down with some speciality ginger beer. And let us not forget the outstanding array of cheese, including some distinctive Wensleydale. A food hamper made up of all your Yorkshire favourites is a lovely idea for a personal gift.

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A weekend away

Nothing is more precious than the gift of time. How about organising a special Yorkshire weekend away. A break in Castleford is a great idea for the city lover – there are some great restaurants and plenty of nightlife. You can combine your visit with a trip to the famous Snozone for a spot of skiing, and if you’re feeling really energetic, an afternoon at the Gravity Trampoline Park.

If however you’re more of a nature lover, a weekend away walking in the dales will calm and relax you. Malham cove is a wonderful place to visit, with its scenic views and unique rock formations. The limestone amphitheatre and waterfalls can’t fail to take your breath away. Beck Hall, or the nearby Buck Inn are ideal places to stay for a weekend on the dales.

Something special to wear

In winter, giving the gift of something warm to wear is a wonderful idea. Yorkshire is famous for its sheep and has a fine selection of wool. A beautiful soft scarf that you can wear close to your heart is an ideal present for someone close to you. Another option is knitwear made from alpaca wool – so unique and different. It will definitely keep you warm in the cold months.

Yorkshire has so much to offer in terms of speciality goods and produce. Giving a personal gift that has been made locally will remind you of this beautiful county and the special memories of your visit.


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