Buyviu Online Shopping Centre Opens its Digital Doors to the UK

Buyviu Online Shopping Centre Opens its Digital Doors to the UK main

It was only a matter of time before online retail followed the long established direction of the high street. From online shop, to online department store and now finally the online shopping centre, the launch of Buyviu in the UK is a new way to shop.

Looking after a family, working, running a household and keeping up with a social life is a juggling act. Our lives are so busy these days, any opportunity to save time – and money – is very welcome. Buyviu UK looks to do just that for British families offering a huge range of prices and brands in one easy to use site. It is quite literally the one stop shop we’ve all been waiting for.

Buyviu Online Shopping Centre Opens its Digital Doors to the UK website

Every type of product you can possibly need

The range available in this online shopping centre is incredibly wide ranging. Whether it is school supplies for the kids, household appliances, pet accessories and even food. It has everything.

In the fashion section you can find all the top brands in clothing, footwear, jewellery and sports, from Nike and Adidas to Swarovski and Marc Jacobs. And if you are looking for gifts, there is a huge range of toys and baby products or beauty and home products.

Find yourself needing a new lawn mower at the same time as a new clarinet – Buyviu have got you covered.

It even sells car parts, sports equipment and arts and crafts. With such a lot of choice, navigating the website needs to be carefully planned. Buyviu make this easy, organising categories by brand or type, with the ability to search and filter by size, price, colour, merchant and material across all products. No matter what you need Buyviu will find it for you and get you to that shop to make your purchase.

Outlet prices across all product ranges

One of the best things about this store is the Outlet section. Discounts are offered across all the product ranges, not just fashion, which makes it so easy to get the best value for your home and family.

No longer do you have take a road trip to the nearest Factory Outlet and fight the other shoppers for the best bargains from limited stock, that are often factory seconds displayed like a crazy jumble store – and usually not quite what you are looking for. Instead you can easily search through the website to find what you need and a couple of clicks later it is on its way to you.

Buyviu Online Shopping Centre Opens its Digital Doors to the UK fashion

24 hours a day shopping

Our lives no longer fit the old Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm pattern still followed by our much loved high street shops. Of course we get a few extra hours on a Sunday, and larger supermarkets are open much later, but when there are better things to be doing at the weekend than traipsing ‘round the shops, and taking the children out in the evening not very practical, the chance to shopping at our convenience from the comfort of the sofa is perfect.

A unique and easy shopping experience

With a simple to use platform, great prices, simple search tool and huge range of products Buyviu UK offers the shopper a good experience and strive to make its customers lives easier – giving you back that precious time that would otherwise have been wasted in pounding the streets looking for bargains.

No more crowds, no more pouring through catalogues, and good value for money for the top brands. You will want to do all your shopping this way, and now you can.


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