What Should Parents Expect in Their Children’s First Year in College?

What should parents expect in their children’s first year in college main

After graduating from high school many parents take their children to college. College life is different from High school life. As a caring parent, you will do all that you can to have your son/daughter have a good time in college. Transitioning from high school to college affects students in various ways. Below are some of the things parents should expect from first years:

What should parents expect in their children’s first year in college increased1. Increased expenses

When you son/daughter joins college your daily expenditure rises. If he/she isn’t fully sponsored you will be expected to pay the school fees. Paying fees is not all since if the college is far away from home lodging, food, traveling and other expenses comes in. You will be required to fund all his expense. If you aren’t financially stable you are likely to have a hard time. Since education is the only investment that can help brighten the future of your children don’t fear responsibilities and fail to take your children to college.

Some strategies have already been set for you, there are many ways you can get out of this struggles. For financial problems, you can look for a parent loan for college. Graduate students loans are also there for students from financially unstable backgrounds. Advise your son/daughter to look for a part-time job and let him know the importance of working while at school. With a part-time job, some students are able to fund their studies to completion without or partially depending on their parents.

2. The need for independence and self-reliance

Many students get to know who they are after joining college. It is at this time when they get to know they are no longer kids. Many students tend to reduce reliance on their parents. He /she will now look for ways to cope without you. Some students even go ahead and stop depending on their parent for financial help. In college, they will get to know to have some money by their own means instead of having to ask from their parents always. Many students who want to relieve their parents of the burden to pay their fees to apply for the graduate students loans. Apart from loans students also look for part-time jobs to earn the same money in their free time. When you realise that your son wants to depend on himself to give him a chance, this is the right time to start depending on himself.

What should parents expect in their children’s first year in college communication3. Communication

After joining the college, for the first few weeks, he/she will be calling and letting you know how she is fairing after which they are likely to cut off or reduce communication. They are interacting with fellow students and making new friends. It is his/her time to have freedom and you should grant it to them. Let them have fun and interact with new people. Sometimes you may not even be able to reach him/her, he might be at a party or with friends, don’t raise your anger and always try to understand the reason behind everything. Distance parenting isn’t easy but you should do everything at his/her comfort since you no longer have the ability to tell them what to do and how to live their life.

What should parents expect in their children’s first year in college essay4. Academics

Many of the college freshmen are high school graduates, no matter how well a student performed back in high school that has no effect in college. In the first year students are learning how to balance life and studies and therefore they may not be able to perform well despite it is the beginning of their career. At this level as a parent, you may not have to see his/her grades without their wish. Despite paying the tuition fee you may not get to access their academic information unless they choose to. This is the biggest challenge for many parents, they are used to seeing academic reports but now it is up to the student to decide. When you realise your student is struggling academically, don’t start calling their professor instead encourage them to seek help from other personnel in college. Don’t sit and watch him struggle with assignments let him try our essay writing services to have his assignments done by our team of professionals. This will make not only help him submit assignments on time but also perform well as his assignments will be worked on by professionals in his/her field.

What should parents expect in their children’s first year in college behaviour5. Change in behaviour

After joining college students are likely to change their way of doing things. The change is mostly initiated by friends. If you identify any change in behaviour don’t be surprised as this is common, but if he/she is changing to worse create time and talk about the effects of such behaviours. Always let your son/daughter have freedom as at this age he/she is a grown up and is responsible for his/her life.


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