Top Primary Teaching Supplies for a Summer Tuition Centre

Top Primary Teaching Supplies for a Summer Tuition Centre main

We might be approaching the summer, but that doesn’t mean that the learning should stop, particularly for those in their most important developmental stages. Keeping children educating themselves through the summer puts them at a fantastic advantage once term time starts up again in September, enabling them to seamlessly adjust and get back into the right state of mind for schoolwork – this’ll get them learning faster and more attentively for the year ahead!

One way to keep children learning through their summer break is by letting them attend a tuition centre – these usually focus on the core topics of literacy and numeracy, developing their skills and knowledge further for a deeper understanding of the subject, or boost their confidence with extra sessions if they find themselves to be struggling in a certain area. Finding the right supplies to use in these centres can be difficult – you need to keep the children engaged and focused outside of their usual learning environment, but you need the resources to also remain educational and effective. Here are a few of the top primary teaching supplies that you can use this summer for each of the core subjects!


Numbers are a huge part of the learning curve and there are so many different areas that need to be covered, so keeping it fun and engaging will help to keep kids focused, even when it gets a little bit boring. Colourful counters are a great way to make maths learning more interactive and gives you opportunities to make a game out of your lessons which can be more upbeat and more enjoyable than working through lists of questions. Clock based activities like working out the hour or where the hands are facing is another great way to help children learn, with visual aids such as a novelty clock with oversized hands helping the children to easily figure out how to solve the problem.

Top Primary Teaching Supplies for a Summer Tuition Centre reading


Reading and writing are two of the fundamental skills that any child needs to start progressing through school life, so it’s another fantastic skill to focus on through to summer – you can make sure that the children don’t fall into any bad habits or forget anything that they’ve learned in the past year by regularly revisiting past teachings. For comprehension lessons, there’s lots of reading aids to use that can simplify the text or help easily distracted kids to stay on track, or for spelling and grammar lessons, activity cards where the children work individually or as groups to fix the issues in a sentence work a treat!


Seeing as it’s the summer, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to take your students outside of the classroom and show them new, creative ways to learn! Outdoor activities allow the children to be more active and energetic, feeling as though they’re playing with their friends as opposed to the typical boring maths lesson. Craft lessons work really well outdoors when it’s sunny, but it’s also really easy to incorporate science into outdoor lessons when you’re outside and surrounded by nature. The best primary teaching supplies for use outside are things such as information books that guide the students to find all they can in their surroundings and giant game boards for the floor where students match up the colours to words or follow directions to solve problems!

Primary teaching supplies can come in all shapes and sizes to suit any student’s learning needs, so you don’t need to worry about keeping your class interested and continuously learning through the summer so they’re ready to get the ball rolling again once they get back to school.


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