How to be a Successful Student Athlete

How to be a Successful Student Athlete 1

How to be a Successful Student Athlete

Being a student athlete can both be a dream and a living nightmare. A dream due to the scholarship, traveling to competitions, and being fit; however, maintaining good grades can be hell if managing time is not your forte. We cannot really put blame though, competing and holding your school’s reputation can be taxing, especially on an international level.

Seeing our article, you must be a freshman or a student athlete in need of help. Well, according to our team of experts from, a company which also provides essay writing services, have our own insight on how we can help you, as an athlete, strive to be a successful college student while maintaining your social and academic life. We prepared you a list of information you need to know on student athletes which includes goal settings, telegraphing of absences, proper communication, and more!

Set Goals

Now, being a student athlete and a college student one can be difficult if your aim is to be successful. Well, the first thing you have to do to achieve your goals is to first list them with the following being your priorities from highest to lowest:

1. Should you be in high school, perform well both academically and sports-competition wise for a decent and acceptable resume for college applications. A lot of regular students underestimate the power of extracurricular activities by prioritizing more on academics; however, with so many people being ridiculously smart, brain is not the only criteria to be looked at now, especially by top notch universities but also brawn as well.

2. Aim for the best colleges available for athletes like yourself because other than having the best education they can give you, they can also give the best facilities you can train and be successful in.

How to be a Successful Student Athlete 3

“Encourage yourself”

3. Now if you are a college student struggling with academics, here are some things you can do to remedy them:
a. Lessen your training time. Of course, your sports career is very important for both you and your parents but what would be worse is if you flunk your academics since most, if not all, universities have their specific quota grade you have to maintain in order to compete.
b. Learn to use transcribed notes and sample exams. In short, ask notes from your upper batch and check old quizzes if they were able to post them previously (coming from upper batch as well). Most professors just recycle the exam, really and this technique is often used by medical and law students as well. You cannot really blame them though, with the numerous amount of pages they have to read every day.
c. Encourage yourself that just because you have to miss some parties or decrease social life does not necessarily mean it will make you look less cool or the like. Take this opportunity to be advance in academics and finish your schoolwork earlier than expected. If you are able to do this then you will never have a problem in hanging with anyone at any time. You literally just have to make time work for you by thinking ahead.

“Emphasis on trust”

To be more comprehensive about the second number, here is a list of the best colleges you can get into according to, here are the top 10 best colleges you can get into:

1. Duke University
2. Stanford University
3. University of Southern California
4. University of Notre Dame
5. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
6. University of Florida
7. Vanderbilt University
8. Northwestern University
9. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
10. University of California – Los Angeles

If you really want to know why they chose that as the best, then simply visit their website in the hyperlink above.

Now that we have set your goals straight, here is another list on how to be a successful college student. Take note that we may end up being repetitive; however, that just means that we put so much emphasis and trust on that statement that we just had to repeat it. We will also talk about what is it like to be a college athlete by telling you what their life is so you would know the reality that students go through on a daily basis.

To be a successful college student, you have to…

How to be a Successful Student Athlete 2

1. Telegraph your absences & Communications

It is your job to be a student athlete because they literally pay your tuition to be one. You have to weigh your schedule diligently from getting up in the morning to jog to the point of going back into bed to get a well night’s rest. That would be a good reality; however, it cannot be avoided that absences can occur from time to time, especially during sports season such as October and the like so always make sure you have friends and even teachers who can help you with your studies once you return. Doing this, will lessen your workload and help you appreciate others who put an effort just to make sure you do not get left behind. This will also help you practice verbal communications since you will need it to earn proper and useful connections.

2. Manage yourself

Be it your plans, time and even your brand. Being a college athlete would make you an important person within the campus and usually the voice and face for many students. So make sure you always make the right decisions as to not jeopardize your reputation. Understand that as an athlete, you as a person is not for yourself anymore but for the whole school itself.
Student athlete versus regular student

3. Priorities, priorities, priorities

As a college athlete, you will need to make numerous sacrifices whenever the situation calls for it, which is why you have to be clear about your priorities to make the best choices. Academics must always be a priority over your athletic goals though.

4. Make the most of failing

Many freshmen who are athlete tend to experience difficulty on the first semester with numerous expectations based on academics and athletic competition, according to U.S. News. Always resist the temptation to give up if things go south and always persist to do better. Take notes of what you did wrong and do things better.

5. Take advantage of presented opportunities

Always take advantage of all the opportunities given to you be it post graduate studies scholarship and the like. You will be able to gain many experiences and even travel a lot due to this. You cannot imagine what it is like to do all the things you wanted at such an early age and for free!

6. Value back up plans

As a college student, your big dream is to compete professionally; however, let us be realistic when we say that not all are granted that opportunity and that is completely normal. Which is why plan B exists, if you are not able to compete professionally then look for other goals in life. I know a friend who was an athlete once and is now a medical practitioner in the Philippines so really, it was not all that bad.

So yeah, you just have to remind yourself constantly of what you really want as a college student and strive for what you think is right both for the school and for yourself. Never learn to give up but know how to improve and be better.


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