Why Diamonds Are Forever

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“Diamonds are forever.”

Now, that’s the kind of line you’d commonly hear in chick-flicks and romance films. After all, diamonds have long been recognised as a symbol of love and marital union. It has long been associated with feelings of passion, appreciation and commitment. They are, as you may already know, every girl’s best friend.

However, aside from what mainstream media would tell you, diamonds are forever not just in a metaphorical sense but in a literal sense as well. And today, we are going to talk about why diamonds can withstand tear, wear, and the test of time. We are also going to talk about why these precious mineral crystals have a high market value that never seems to budge ever since they were first introduced in the jewelry industry.

What Are Diamonds?

Like every other piece of matter that exists atop this Earth, diamonds is also comprised of elements – well, in this case, just element. This precious stone is typically a make-up of carbon atoms, thus its chemical formula is C (read more). Pure diamonds is only comprised of clusters of carbon atoms. However, some crystals may contain impurities such as nitrogen. The presence of impurities typically affects the value of these crystals in the market and we will explain why in just a little bit.

If you think about it, it’s amazing how chemical make-up can drastically affect the physical properties of matter. Carbon is used for many other things and other matter such as soot and graphite also has the chemical formula C. To think that soot and diamonds are created from the same element is just pretty surprising. How can something dark, grainy and dull become so bright, shiny and rock-hard when they’re made of the same element? Well, the difference lies in how the carbon atoms are arranged. We call these physical forms as allotropes – or different arrangements of atoms or molecules within matter.

Allotropic composition varies because the environmental conditions to create diamonds and other substances of the same chemical formula also vary. Diamonds are created under extreme conditions. It needs high levels of heat and pressure in order to form – unfortunately, the whole thing about coal forming into diamonds is just a myth. Many people seem to think that this is the case because coal, too, is a C substance. Diamonds often form in the Earth’s mantle where temperatures are very high or in other “diamond stability zones.”

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Why Does The Value Of Diamond Differ From One Stone To Another?

The rigorous process of creating a diamond naturally, as you have read above, is what makes the mineral crystal so pricey and precious. However, not all diamonds are valued the same way because of the 4C’s: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Colour. Read more about this here: https://beyond4cs.com/faq/how-prices-are-determined/.

ure diamonds are the most expensive of all. As mentioned earlier, when the mineral has impurities like nitrogen, the crystal tends to look cloudy and “unclear.” This scores low on the Clarity department and therefore, would affect the value of the stone when sold commercially.

Cut is also a pretty big concern. There is what we call perfect and imperfect cuts in the world of diamond crafting. Perfect cuts reflect light in a different way than imperfect ones which tend to be duller and less shiny. A diamond’s brilliance heavily depends on the way its cut.

Next is colour. From what you may see on TV, diamonds are typically clear and almost transparent. However, these stones exist in a wide array of natural colours from reds to greens, blues to oranges. The rarer and purer the colour is, the more expensive the mineral crystal gets. People are quick to mistake green diamonds from emeralds and red diamonds from rubies. But when you look at the chemical composition, you’ll be able to validate which ones are diamonds and not easily. You can know more about this by checking out James Allen diamonds reviews.

Lastly, we have Carat. Well, to define it briefly, it would refer to a diamond’s weight just like how gold is also measured in carats. Needless to say, the higher the carat, the more expensive the stone gets.

The chemical make-up of diamond is so strong and cohesive that it is indeed a mineral that lasts forever. The perfect gift for people you value till the end of time.


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