The Importance of Encouraging Young Teachers

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Teaching is one of the oldest and most noble professions, yet it has dwindled in popularity over the last decade or so. You may hear from time to time that your local high school or primary school is suffering a teaching shortage, with a lot of temporary staff filling gaps and providing a solution until a permanent replacement can be sourced.

Consequently, there is a real need to try and encourage young minds to enter the world of teaching, and so we are going to explore some of the reasons why this is the case.

Fresh Perspective

The first thing we recommend that you do is think about the fresh perspective these new teachers can bring to the workplace. Our current staff in schools are well-trained and experienced, but they lack something critical. It’s a unique view of the school system that is only possible in the eyes of someone who left it in the last 5 or so years. Teachers who are newly qualified can offer a perspective about how to engage effectively with students and can also offer their beliefs about whether a particular method will work.

Filling the Gaps

It’s important to remember that there are quite a few gaps for people to think about when it comes to teachers. Many departments don’t have enough qualified staff to cover the lessons, so it can be important to try and encourage a new crop of teachers to fill the gaps. From London to Glasgow to Sheffield, so many places don’t have the staff that they need for a successful education, so they have to try and make do with the cover staff and temporary replacements, which is far from ideal. The best thing that can happen at this point is encouraging someone to get into teaching, because it can be a really rewarding career.

The Importance of Encouraging Young Teachers teaching

Better Resource Management

The thing to remember about a lot of teachers is that they can be an incredibly hard working and potentially overtaxed resources. They have so much to deal with on a regular basis that it becomes borderline impossible for them to try and juggle everything at once without any issue. When you then have to factor in things like making them pick up the slack for their absent co-workers, you tend to get issues developing quite quickly.

What we are saying is that there will be a much better resource management if the number of teachers who are working in schools full time can go in the increase. We just need more people to fill the gaps, because it allows for better resource distribution and making sure that the physical and mental well-being of teachers are met as well, because the role can be a very demanding one with a lot of responsibilities every day.

To summarise, teachers are a very precious resource, and we need to encourage the next generation to come in and start making their mark in the industry as soon as we can. You need that fresh perspective and supplementation of the workforce, because the world is evolving. The way that we approach things is changing, and the kids of today need a different education to those 20 years ago. A lot of young teachers can provide that, having a fresh perspective on a modern interpretation of the curriculum in the syllabus can be a really helpful resource. Young minds typically tend to bring with them a fair degree of innovation, and work to improve things and make them better. A lot of young people do you want to teach, but often unsure about how best to go down that route, which is why they need the guidance of those who are older and wiser than them.


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