How To Properly Plan Your Invites for Celebrations

How To Properly Plan Your Invites for Celebrations main

What do weddings, birthday parties, house warmings, barbecue parties, surprise parties, graduation parties, stag parties, and all other forms of celebratory parties have in common? Take a wild guess.

Did you guess food, drinks, fun activities, music, a nice ambience, etc.? Great work: all these are integral parts of a celebration but you probably forgot one other important thing: All celebrations have INVITES in common

Overlooking all other commonalities, what most celebrations and parties have in common — irrespective of their nature — is that they all involve a guest list, and because they involve a guest list, they also involve invites sent out to the expected attendees, with the expectations that those invited will RSVP.

Invites to celebrations can take many forms. For instance, you can send out handwritten, electronic, voice, formal, or informal invites depending on the celebration you have in mind.

Are invites that important?

The invites you send out to guests expected at your celebration play an important role. The most fundamental thing is that they allow you to plan effectively because once you know who shall be attending your celebration party, planning things such as food, drinks, and music becomes easier.

More importantly, invites give your expected guest an idea of what to expect. Because of the important role they play, planning your invites is an important part of the celebration-planning process, one that you should pay special attention.

Important Considerations to Have In Mind When Creating Your Invites

How To Properly Plan Your Invites for Celebrations invite

When creating invites to celebrations, keep the following points in mind:

1. The nature of the event and the expected guest list:

The kind of celebration and guest list you have in mind shall significantly influence the kind of invite you send out. Obviously, if your celebration is grown up centric such as an engagement, wedding, or anniversary party, or if the guest list will be more mature, the playfulness expected in an invite for a child’s birthday party will not cut it. Indeed, there are some occasions when only luxury wedding invites will do.

2. The information to include:

You are free to be creative with your invite and include whatever information you deem relevant and important such as your favourite quote, a personal poem, etc. That noted, at a basic level, your invite should always include important information. Include what you are celebrating, the location of the celebration, by when guest should RSVP, the theme, whether guests can bring someone or dress a certain way, the time of the party especially how long it shall last, the kind of food served, and any other information you think guest should know.

3. The style and tone of invite:

With styling, you are free to let your creativity shine through. You are free to choose whichever colours you want, and to play around with the design as much as you want. For instance, if you are sending out invites to an engagement party, you can design the invites as you see fit to ensure it communicates your personal style (yours and your fiancé’s of course). With style and tone, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the most determinant factor is the nature of the event as well as the guest list. For a formal celebration, it is better to ensure the invites match up.

4. When to send out the invites:

You should send out invites sufficiently early so that guests can RSVP and save the date too. This is a very important consideration because some guests, such as those travelling in, may need time to plan their stay for the party or even seek work leave in order to attend the celebration. When you send out the invites will largely depend on the nature of the event. In most cases though, it is best to send out the invite a month or two in advance.


Again, the kind of invite you send will largely depend on the nature of the event as well as the guest list.

Fundamentally, other than ensuring your invite has all the important information guests need to know —reason for celebration, the location and directions to the location, time, whether guests can bring a plus one, the food, the theme and dress code if any, etc.— creating invites to celebration is a creative endeavour where you can let your unique personality shine through.


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