Halloween Gift Guide 2017

halloween gift guide 2017 pumpkins

Halloween Gift Guide 2017

by Julia Paddon

No longer a marginal event on the UK calendar, the influence of American culture on our impressionable youths means that now, we really get to celebrate all things ghostly and ghoulish every October 31st.

And each new Halloween means a whole new bunch of exciting products to peruse – enjoy our annual thoroughly researched, spooky (and sometimes not-so-spooky) All Hallows Eve Gift Guide

Creepy Characters

halloween gift guide creepy characters

  1. The new K’NEX Thrill Rides Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set has a glow in the dark track with a spider-themed motorised coaster car for maximum spooky effect!  A whopping 439 K’NEX pieces are included, helping to build a coaster over 2.5 feet tall.
    £69.99 from knexshop.co.uk
  2. If The Wizard of Oz doesn’t haunt your sleep, you must have had a very stable and safe childhood. Congratulations. For the rest of us, relive the horror of scarecrow murdering flying monkeys and burning witches with these cute Itty Bitty characters.
    £6 each from hallmark.co.uk
  3. Hardly the stuff of nightmares, but with a definite Halloween theme, these Sylvanian Families Baby Trick or Treat Set will let the toddlers join in with the fun.
    £16.99 from amazon.co.uk
  4. Definitely the stuff of nightmares, this zombified garden gnome will look good terrifying the neighbour’s cat on Halloween morn.
    £12.99 from findmeagift.co.uk
  5. Hilarious noise-activated creeping hand is genuinely scary – especially when you forget it’s on the floor and a noisy movie activates it.
    £17.99 from findmeagift.co.uk

Halloween for Adults

halloween gift guide 2017 adults

  1. The Crystal Head Vodka founders decided they needed to filter it through 500-million-year-old crystals known as Herkimer diamonds. What’s creepier than knowing your vodka has passed through something that existed nearly 488-million years before us? This extremely clean vodka is housed in a clear, skull-shaped bottle that can be used as a frightening feature for many Halloweens to come.
    £41.95 from 31dover.com
  2. If you prefer something altogether softer, this creamy pumpkin liqueur with an autumnal spicy kick might do the trick (or treat).
    £14.95 from 31dover.com
  3. Zombie repellent spray anyone? Walking Dead fans might enjoy this minty mouthwash.
    £3.99 from findmeagift.co.uk
  4. This jet black toothpaste is not a gimmick, but a serious tooth whitening product – the colour comes from the charcoal in the ingredients.
    more info: beverlyhillsformula.com
  5. A classic Cucumber Peel-Off Mask in limited edition Halloween packaging, called the Trick Or Treat Yourself Peel-Off.
    RRP 85p – more info: my7thheaven.com
  6. Papershades might not be spooky, but there are some gorgeous autumnal designs to create a seasonal look in any room by replacing the usual lampshades with your own Papershade selection.
    £25 from papershades.co.uk
  7. Fun, comfy and so colourful that it will bring a lot of positivity to your day. You can find different options for a perfect gift from this halloween collection of kigurumis starting from only $39.

Kids Stuff

halloween gift guide 2017 kids stuff

  1. Trunkaroo offer a monthly subscription service that designs neatly curated ‘trunks’ full of creative, science-led and educational projects for curious kids aged 3-8 – and there’s an exciting Halloween trunk called ‘Spooky Pets’.
    Prices start at £20 – trunkaroo.com
  2. Top Trumps horror cards give a bit of retro spooky fun for older kids.
    £4.99 – to view the range visit winningmoves.co.uk
  3. Snazaroo will look after all your Halloween face painting needs – there are three colours, a brush, a sponge and an easy to follow 3-step guide.
    £2.99 – more info: snazaroo.co.uk
  4. The enduring Very Hungry Caterpillar brand has released this wonderful collectable tin where you’ll discover three fantastic colouring and activity books, a poster, 50 fun stickers, and 4 felt-tips. It’s a tin full of fun!
    £16.99 from Asda, Debenhams, Amazon, HMV, Tesco, The Works and Sainsbury’s

More for Grown-Ups?

halloween gift guide 2017 FISKARS KNIVES bread

  1. Fiskars are one of the world leaders in knives and knife design – you can feel the control and precision when using them. So no more squashed tomatoes or wonky bread slices, with this tomato knife (top) and bread knife.
    More info: fiskars.co.uk

halloween gift guide 2017 books

  1. Here’s  couple of definitively creepy classics in lovingly bound new editions. Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination comes with illustrations from the revered Arthur Rackham. The book is a sewn, clothbound hardback with silk ribbon markers and headbands, and is printed on a fine cream woven, acid-free paper that will not discolour with age.
    Visit everymanslibrary.co.uk
  2. William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist from The Folio Society is bound in cloth with full colour title-page spread and 13 full-page illustrations in a spot UV slipcase. It’s definitely a head-turner (boom-tish).
    The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty, The Folio Society edition 2017, illustrated by Jeremy Caniglia £39.95 available exclusively from foliosociety.com

halloween gift guide 2017 gusto

  1. And to finish, here’s some suitably spooky-themed products for foodies from specialist food company Il Gusto. The trio of skulls contain absinthe, vodka and cognac.
    £9 from ilgusto.uk.com
  2. This gourmet pumpkin oil has a deep dark green colour with a nutty taste and aroma, perfect for bringing winter salads to life.
    £8.50 from ilgusto.uk.com

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