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Place the Q-doc 100 document holder between your screen and keyboard. That prevents unnatural head and neck movements. Because it helps you work in a single line with the keyboard, document holder and screen, there is less strain on your body, including your neck.

If your documents are placed left or right of the computer, it will put extra strain on your neck. You can prevent physical discomfort by using a document holder. A good ergonomic workstation increases comfort, speed and productivity by as by 10%.

With its low rear height, this document holder is ideal for lower display positions. The viewing angle for documents has been optimised.

The Q-doc 100 document holder is made of clear acrylic and is strong enough to hold heavy files. You can fit a full-sized keyboard under the document holder. The raised border ensures your documents do not slide off the document holder.

Utilising this shorter viewing distance between document, screen and keyboard is proven to increase productivity, whilst the sloping work surface reduces flexion of the neck, increasing functionality and work comfort.

You can reduce neck strain by using the in-line document holder which works simultaneously with the monitor and document. The document holder creates more workspace, to you can organise files, notes, phones and any other office equipment easily, making your space fit your needs.

Q-doc 100 Stops Strain unit

To prevent neck rotation, documents should be placed between the keyboard and display screen. A sloping work surface reduces flexion of the neck and thus increases work comfort. An ‘in-line’ document holder provides a functional work surface and short viewing distances between the document, screen and keyboard. The result is increased productivity.

The Q-doc 100 is available from BakkerElhuizen for £49.99


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