Flexispot E8 Standing Desk – Review

Flexispot E8 Standing Desk Review

By Karl Hornsey

Even before the pandemic, the move towards working from home seemed to be picking up momentum, as people all across the country starting to equip their front rooms, spare bedrooms and offices with all manner of gear that would go a long way to improving their work-life balance. As someone who has worked in any number of different offices over the last 25 years, I had only recently become familiar with the concept of a standing or sit-stand desk, and that was due to a member of my team’s medical requirements.

And so, as the pandemic took hold and more and more people were forced to work from home, the idea of actually using a standing desk myself seemed ever more appealing, especially as I’ve occasionally suffered from back problems down the years. But then, a desk is a desk right? Well, actually, no. Wrong. The Flexispot Standing Desk is head and shoulders above any desk I’ve used in the past, as it really does offer something for everyone, with any number of smart features and gadgets that you probably never realised you needed.

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“Heavy and sturdy”

First up, and usually the first thing I need to know about any item of furniture, is how easy it is to assemble. On so many occasions, as opposed to the usual blurb that everything is easily constructed, you just know you’re going to be spending hour after hour of huffing and puffing, gradually losing patience and the will to live. Well, in this case, I can happily report that it was straightforward enough, although some concentration is needed towards the end to bring the whole desk together. With a methodical approach and paying attention at all times to avoid cocking it up, I soon had this up and working, although a hand is needed occasionally as it’s certainly a heavy and sturdy piece of equipment.

Once up, it’s time to have a play around, and that’s not something you can say about many desks. One of the first impressions I had was how stable the desk is, no matter how much you move it about or start customising it to your needs. Also, with the variety of colours available both in the metal stands and the desktop, this is a piece of furniture that blends in pretty well into any room. Often, a work desk can be quite an ugly and crude thing, and that had put me off buying something for home in the past, but this is stylish and not something that needs to be hidden away.

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“Value for money”

The quality of the materials is excellent, which means that even after a fair bit of use there’s no suggestion that the wooden top will show wear and tear, and the height range means that it should be suitable for all shapes and sizes. The mechanical adjustment is simple to use once you get used to it and having the option of standing every now and again after too many hours sitting in one place is a real boon

The desk is also just about large enough for someone like me, who has never exactly been great at keeping things tidy. There are much cheaper standing desks on the market, but I think in this instance the Flexispot is a classic example of getting what you pay for. I’m hoping that my first impressions last and that everything keeps working as it should, meaning that over time the desk will provide the value for money that I’m expecting.

£399.99 from flexispot.co.uk/desk
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