How to Prevent Piracy with Nintendo Switch

How to Prevent Piracy with Nintendo Switch console

The popular Nintendo Switch has had issues of hacking and piracy and the company has taken many steps to fix this problem and prevent any further piracy issues. The Nintendo Switch hacking scene is something that has become a huge issue and over the last few months, there have been unpatchable hardware exploits that have allowed individuals to jailbreak the Nintendo Switch. With these events occurring, people are altering online games, locking consoles and even getting banned directly by Nintendo.

Piracy and Hacking Issues

One of the main issues that Nintendo Switch users are facing is that they often run into indecent content when they access Nintendo games. Many Switch pirates are using software to set profile pictures that are not appropriate. Another issue causes problems while playing games. One of the top rated games for Switch, Mario Odyssey, has a special balloon mode and players will see user avatars. With the hacking issue at hand, many of the profile pictures that appear in this mode have been set to reveal porn pictures.

How to Prevent Piracy with Nintendo Switch security

Measures to Prevent Piracy

As opposed to previous consoles that have been released by Nintendo, the witch game cartridges are signed with special certificated and these will be used to make sure the game is legit. Digital games will also contain specific data that will tie them to Nintendo accounts and consoles. Pirated copies of Switch games can now be identified. Players who are found to be using modified Switch systems will be banned from Nintendo services and games.

There is also special software that can be used to detect piracy activity and this software will implement a number of inconveniences so that tampering cannot occur. Also, any player found to be playing pirated games on their consoles will also run the risk of being banned, so some serious steps are being taken to prevent any additional piracy issues and to provide players with a secure experienced when they use their Nintendo Switch.

While it can be difficult to detect all forms of piracy when playing games online, Nintendo is still working to enhance security measures to prevent any console or game hacking in the future. At this time, Nintendo only has the ability to detect pirated software and games and to block accounts with any console. The bottom line is that those who are pirating games on Nintendo Switch will soon have their consoled banned. This removes the ability to engage in online play, which defeats the purpose of Switch.

How to Prevent Piracy with Nintendo Switch online

Other Safe Forms of Gaming Online

Aside from using popular consoles like Nintendo Switch to engage in multi-player online games, there are other ways in which players can enjoy the thrills and action of great games. There are tons of free play sites that offer various forms of games like first-person shooters, simulation games, arcade games and more. Thee sites have become a popular choice for casual gamers who do not wish to invest in consoles or deal with any piracy problems that may occur.

Another alternative to playing on the Nintendo Switch is to access top rated online casinos, such as Casumo Casino. Here, one can engage in thrilling casino action and can play games for free as well as real money. With online casino games, players have great levels of protection and will always be playing games from the most trusted software developers in the industry. Sites like Casumo offer hundreds of games, many of which are classic casino games, but there are also nontraditional casino games like arcade selections, parlor games, scratch cards, Bingo and more.


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