Map the Sounds of Summer with the Festival Sound Trip

Map the Sounds of Summer with the Festival Sound Trip logo

Map the Sounds of Summer with the Festival
Sound Trip

Veygo Festival Sound Trip uses Spotify technology to generate the perfect personalised playlists for festival journeys

Festival-goers can now generate the perfect playlists for their car journey based on the length of their trip with a new interactive tool launched this week.

Car insurance brand Veygo, owned by Admiral Insurance, created the Festival Sound Trip to help music lovers travelling to festivals automatically create personalised Spotify playlists based on their festival destination and favourite acts. Simply by selecting a festival and inputting a home address, the Festival Sound Trip maps the journey and collates a playlist bespoke to the user’s time on the road, making finding the right car soundtrack a breeze.

The interactive map lets music fans select from 20 popular music festivals around the UK running through the summer to cater to every taste, including Lovebox, Bloodstock, Latitude and Shambala, covering dance, hip-hop, rock, metal and more.

Map the Sounds of Summer with the Festival Sound Trip google

“Seamless, simple experience”

After drawing out a map from the user’s location to their festival destination, the tool populates a Spotify playlist designed to last for the entire journey with no repeats. The user can select one to three of their favourite acts based on the festival to ensure they receive a track list they will love.

Jon Walker, Digital Campaign Manager from Veygo said: “With festival season in full swing, we wanted to get people’s journeys off to a great start. Creating a great playlist can take time and we all know that not everyone in the car can agree what to listen to, which is why we wanted Festival Sound Trip to be as easy as clicking a couple of buttons to get a playlist that will last the entire journey.

“We thought the best way to achieve this was to bring together Google Maps and Spotify technologies to create a seamless, simple experience that festival-goers will love. After all, the journey is when the festival really begins.”

You can use the Festival Sound Trip to create a personalised festival playlist here:


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