Enjoy Extended Used Of White Goods With The Right Insurance

Enjoy Extended Used Of White Goods With The Right Insurance main

Enjoy Extended Used Of White Goods With The Right Insurance

The utility value of white goods needs no introduction as it helps to reduce workload in performing repetitive tasks. By virtue of being used continuously the performance and life span of white goods are considerably reduced.

Refrigerators are no more considered as luxury goods in developing countries and third world nations and find widespread use in households. Advanced refrigerator models are increasingly finding their way to the market. They are designed to work continuously to preserve various types of food articles and this increases the chances of malfunctioning and breakdown. These breakdowns can be covered by policies offered by insurance firms.

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Insurance Coverage is essential for Appliances

American Fridge Freezers fall in the category of complex appliances, and are designed to serve larger purposes other than storage and preservation. Some of the additional features include water dispensers, ice makers, frost-free freezers, chiller cabinets, with versatile digital displays.

These additional features in the American Fridge Freezers increase the complexity of the appliance, in turn making it prone to break downs. Effectively, insurance cover for American Fridge Freezers work out to be more economical to consumers over a longer period of time.

Benefits Of Having An Insurance Policy

Some of the legit insurance firms provide insurance to household white goods which can be effective even after the warranty of the product manufacturer expires. These are called as extended warranties. They cover the cost of the breakdown of the appliance after the expiration of the company’s warranty.

They offer an economical solution to consumers and avoid the need for investing on replacements. The lifespan of the American Fridge freezers may typically last over anywhere between 10 to 20 years. Therefore, insurers offer a range of products which include the cost of engineer call-out, delivery costs, and other extra charges that may arise during the time of breakdown evaluation.

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Types Of Breakdown Covered By Insurance Policies

Insurance firms offer various policies offering consumers many options. Policies usually cover call-out costs, labour costs, parts replacement costs, and may cover the costs of replacement of the whole product, if the item is beyond repair.

The firms also provide consumers with qualified engineers to verify the breakdown and offer an assessment of the repair or replacements to the product.

American Fridge Freezer being a complex appliance, there is a possibility of feature circuits running into problems resulting in avoidable situations.

• Temperature control – breakdown in the temperature control may lead to food degradation
• Improper functioning may result in a change in internal temperature compromising the efficiency of the appliance.
• Water dispenser and Ice maker circuits have higher possibilities of blockage with the main water supply.
• The coils of condenser fan may breakdown easily due to the accumulation of dust and debris.

These additional electric circuits are the main reasons for breakdown making insurance for American Fridge Freezers inevitable.

There are many online resources like insuremyappliance.co.uk to compare various insurance policies for white goods. These comparison metrics would help the consumers to choose the right insurance products for the household white goods.


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