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father's day gift guide 2018 gadget loving

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Gadgets, Gifts & Tech

by Julia Paddon

Looking at the best new gadget and tech products, with a few great gifts thrown in, for Father’s Day on Sunday June 17…


father's day gift guide 2018 gadgets

  1. The cool finish of the stainless steel and the deep navy fabric of this classic BERING timepiece complement each other beautifully and creates a distinctly nautical look. Featuring a highly polished rose-gold finish and a hard-wearing sapphire glass face, this watch is both durable and practical without compromising on style.
    £189 from beringtime.com
  2. The UK continues to be Europe’s leading barbecue nation, with families hosting on average nine barbecues every year. Yet, it appears we’re a little less confident when it comes to cooking our meat correctly. To help BBQ enthusiasts cook meat in the safest way, Thermapen – the UK’s leader in the manufacture and design of electronic thermometers – can check the true temperature of a product in three seconds.
    £64.80 from thermapen.co.uk
  3. iStorage has a range of PIN authenticated hardware encrypted data storage USB, hard disk and solid state drives for Father’s Day. These are perfect for storing private data whether at work or at home and come with a host of features, including a secure microprocessor, hardware encryption, all operating systems functionality, auto-lock and even a self-destruct process.
    £159 – for more info visit istorage-uk.com
  4. The iFit Vue delivers all of your stats at the touch of a finger. It will also help to keep you on track by sending you friendly reminders when it’s time to move or wake up. Use the built-in calorie counter to quickly log your meals when you’re at home and on the go. The Vue also works seamlessly with the iFit app, creating an experience that makes health and fitness fun.
    £59.99 from powerhouse-fitness.co.uk

fathers day gift guide 2018 headphonesMaster & Dynamic are a New York City-based premium audio brand with a deep passion for building beautifully crafted, richly appointed, technically sophisticated sound tools for creative minds. Designed for decades of use, Master & Dynamic products utilise only the finest materials and are engineered to last, creating the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort and sound. Technical features including a 3x industry average Bluetooth signal range and a 16-hour rechargeable battery combine with premium materials, a minimal industrial aesthetic and their signature rich, warm sound.
£449 from masterdynamic.co.uk

Gadget Lovers

father's day gift guide 2018 toys

  1. Young-at-heart dads will love the Ultimate Voltron Mega Deluxe Figure; a readymade hero complete with over 15 sound effects and phrases from the animation series. It stands over 14 inches tall, has the ultimate pose-ability and even a sword projectile feature.
    £49.99 from Smyths
  2. Dads will be surprised at how easy it is to make music with the MAGIX Music Maker Plus Edition audio software. Make music with loops: Combine pre-made sounds and loops to create new songs. All sounds are available in 7 pitches and come from a wide variety of genres. This music software for beginners is packed full of great ideas for your music productions and includes a multitude of helpful tools that not only make it easier to create new music, but also find new inspiration.
    £49.99 from magix.com
  3. For the extreme dad Tech21’s strongest case yet is perfect for those who throw themselves into life with full force. Four metres of drop protection is sure to protect in any scenario. Available for: Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.
    £34.95 from tech21.com
  4. The perfect choice for any Dad who uses their smartphone to take photos on a regular basis, the Manfrotto PIXI Clamp boasts a universal smartphone clamp and mini tripod for use with most smartphones. It works as a stable base for photos or as a comfortable grip to capture videos.
    £37.95 from manfrotto.co.uk
  5. GeoSmart have just launched Moon Lander, a space-themed toy that encourages logical thinking and endless magnetic fun. Create your very own Moon Lander vehicle using the 31 brightly coloured magnetic pieces, motors, wheels and tracks. This ingenious toy comes with a wireless remote control, so once the unique space vehicle is complete, dads can enjoy hours of imaginative play with the kids as they travel into outer space on galactic missions.
    £39.99 – more info from geosmart.eu

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018 Gadgets & Gifts tritonTriton Tools has released an exciting new range of pocket-hole jigs – just in time for Father’s Day. The new products include the Single Mini Pocket-Hole Jig, Double Mini Pocket-Hole Jig, Adjustable Jig and Pocket-Hole Jig sets. The new jigs create strong joints in a fraction of the time compared to more traditional methods.
The list price for the set, exc VAT, is £58.97. The Single Mini Pocket-Hole Jig is £12.25 exc VAT from tritontools.com

Introducing PNY

father's day gift guide 2018 pny

    1. Thanks to PNY’s Family Car Charger, those days of fighting who gets the plug socket for the journey are long gone. With one port on the main charger and three others on its extension you can charge all your family’s devices while on the road. With a highly impressive and rapid power capability, PNY’s Family Charger can tackle Tablets, Smartphones, e-readers, MP3 Players or any other USB powered device all at the same time. Not only does the Family Charger boast a four-port docking capability but it allows for easy access for the kids (and hopefully less arguments in your rear-view mirror) thanks to its 1.8m cable and safety clip to secure the charger on the vehicle’s backseat pockets. A unique gift for Dad, which is sure to keep the whole family happy, at least until you’ve reached the destination!
      £12.99 from Amazon
    2. Getting caught in the rain and carrying around that iconic dusty backpack packed full of survival essentials is no stranger to dads in love with the outdoors. Lucky for them, you can now gift them the perfect charging device for Father’s Day, which happens to attach conveniently onto that backpack! Resistant to both dust and water splashes, the Outdoor Charger can also withstand knocks and shocks due to its robust and rubbery shell. The fact that it comes with a carabiner, micro-USB and mini-USB cable makes it the perfect outdoor PowerPack for those wildernesses loving Dad’s.
      £25.99 from Amazon and Wickes
    3. The QI Wireless Mobile Charger is the ideal gift for those high-powered, always-on-the-phone Dads. Developed with quality and speed in mind, the Wireless Charger requires no cables or fuss – simply plug it in and watch as the induction interaction charges your phone or tablet instantly! The Wireless Charger is compatible with a wide range of devices, meaning your Dad has peace of mind that he’s always well connected whenever he’s on the move. The QI Wireless Mobile Charger is compatible with the latest iPhones and Samsung S series.
      £67.49 from Amazon ans selected WH Smith stores
    4. The sleek and discreet metallic design of the PNY Hook 3.0 Flash Drive will give Dad a convenient and simple way to safely store and share documents, music, photos and more. Plus, the unique hook design allows it to be securely attached to just about anything – keys, belts and bags – making sure those important files are always within reach.
      £35.99 from Amazon and Wickes

Outdoor Dads

father's day gift guide 2018 outdoors

  1. Bird loving dads will enjoy the five beautifully presented items in this rustic garden crate. It includes a decorative squirrel proof bird feeder, 2kg bag of Ernest Charles mealworm feed, 2kg bag of Ernest Charles ground & table bird feed, 2kg of Ernest Charles all seasons bird feed and a coconut treat.
    £39.99 from Great Little Garden.
  2. Designed and built to last, Klean Kanteen Growlers are a stylish and sustainable way of keeping dad’s favourite beer and lager cold and fizzy. They’re available in a range of sizes and colours and durable for up to 80 hours, meaning they’re also great for toting around water, iced tea or coffee.
    £44.95 from whitbyandco.co.uk

fathers day gift guide 2018 FickaskåpThe Fickaskåp ‘Pocket Locker’ is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dads who love their tech. It has a unique dual-pocket design allowing you to keep your phone/device separated from all the other important things you carry, without them scratching. It is waterproof certified and fully compatible with touch technology enabling users to use it while the device is in the case.
Prices start from just £23.48 and it can be bought here: fickaskap.com

Books, Pens and Notebooks

father's day gift guide 2018 pens notebooks books

    1. A couple of notebooks: But they’re not what you would imagine! The Rocketbook Everlast is an endlessly reusable notebook. It provides users with a classic pen and paper experience, and a digital twist with the Rocketbook app which allows users to scan pages with a mobile device. When the 36 pages are full of notes, meeting minutes, to-do lists and recipes simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth and use the notebook again. Rocketbook notes can be saved and organised within a favourite cloud service such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Evernote. The Everlast is currently available in three convenient sizes and a variety of colours.
      £32.99 from getrocketbook.co.uk
    2. The Rocketbook Wave is the world’s first microwavable notebook. It combines the freedom of a traditional pen and paper notebook with the ability to easily upload notes to the cloud using a smartphone. When the notebook is full however, rather than wipe each page clean with a damp cloth, simply put it in the microwave with a mug of water and erase all notes at once. Making it easy to tell when the pages are clear, the logo on the cover will turn from dark to light with the whole process taking less than three minutes. The Rocketbook Wave comes in two sizes (standard and executive) and has 80 pages which can be fully filled up and cleared up to five times.
      £25.99 from getrocketbook.co.uk
    3. Defeat Into Victory is an unforgettable account of the ‘Forgotten War’ in Burma, by the British general who overcame defeat for resounding victory. The Folio Society’s edition features forty pages of evocative monochrome photographs, and a specially commissioned biographical introduction by famed military history journalist and author, Sir Max Hastings.
      £75 – The Folio Society edition of Defeat Into Victory by Field Marshal Viscount Slim, introduced by Sir Max Hastings is exclusively available from The Folio Society, foliosociety.com
    4. In the complicated modern world, not every man is born with those necessary things he should know or have. Let the minds behind the successful Men’s Society brand instruct you in everything about being a man that they forgot to teach you in school.
      £10.99 from quartoknows.com
    5. For more than two decades, homebrewers around the world have turned to Brew Your Own magazine for the best information on making incredible beer at home. Now, for the first time, 300 of BYO’s best clone recipes for recreating favourite commercial beers are coming together in one book.
      £16.99 from quartoknows.com
    6. This smooth fine 0.7mm writing line is ideal for documents and note taking, the striking executive smooth-operating twist mechanism stylish white metal body with chrome plated trim pen combines Pentel’s vibrant and fast-drying black EnerGel ink. A great gift for any dads who are keen writers.
      £13.99 from craftyarts.co.uk

father's day gift guide 2018 nutrifitOne more?
With the Andrew Nutri-Fit Nutrition Extractor blender you can quickly and easily make tasty, but most essentially healthy drinks bursting with everything your body needs. Powered at 20,000 RPM, the Nutri-Fit takes can crack seeds, tear through fibres, and shred past fruit and veg skins to completely breaking down food and releasing those all important nutrients.

£39.99 from andrewjamesworldwide.com


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