Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

by Steve Crabtree / @stevecrab

Father’s Day 2020 is going to be that bit different, isn’t it? We’re still in some form of lockdown, so heading out for a meal or a pint with your old man isn’t happening. And there’s a smaller selection of shops to queue up for in the high street to try and find him that special gift.

So this year, our Father’s Day Gift Guide brings you a host of fantastic gift ideas to suit all kinds of Dad. The garden guy. The traveller. The snappy dresser. The tech addict. The quaffer. Plus much, more. And what’s even better is that you’re able to order all this for him from the comfort of your own home!

Garden Dads

Father's Day 2020 Husqvarna Pressure Washer

Husqvarna Pressure Washer PW235R:

When that stunningly sunny weather kicks in, Dad likes to get in the garden and keep it looking fresh. The Husqvarna Pressure Washer is a brilliant tool to help give the garden that newness. We tried it out, and it’s the best pressure washer we’ve ever had our hands on.  It’s robust, and high-powered. It makes a fast difference to surfaces, and we know that Dad will love using it and making a difference on that patio! And when he’s done with that, he can start on the car. The 8m long hose means you can get everywhere with this! Two nozzles and one foam sprayer are included. 
RRP: £199 from husqvarna.com

Father's Day 2020 Heck Chicken

Heck Food:

Is your Dad the king of the bbq? Having a BBQ might be this year’s Father’s Day meal, and going for a selection of Heck sausages would be a bit of a treat. We love the Chicken Italia sausages that they have to offer. And the burgers are on another level! But we’d equally say that going for their vegan options will add something extra to the food on Father’s Day. Everything Heck make is gluten free, so why not treat Dad to a bumper box delivered direct to his door for a delicious Father’s Day treat? 
The Mega Mix Up costs £30, but there are plenty of selections you can treat Dad to on 21st June: heckfood.co.uk

Kitchen Dads:

Father's Day 2020 The Whatever Pan

The Whatever Pan

For the Dad who can cook anything… here’s the griddle pan that can cook anything. The Whatever Pan can sear, grill, roast, fry, bake… its griddle lines and deep ridges help to lock in flavour and allow fat to flow off meats. We found it heats up quickly and evenly, increasing the speed of cooking and it’s equipped with a heatproof glass lid, so you can keep an eye on your curries, stews and sauces whilst they simmer away. Dad can whack it on any kind of hob, and it’s ovenproof too. After giving this a go, it’s a must have in my cooking kit. Your Dad will think the same! It’s popular, so order quick! 
It costs £29.99 from jean-patrique.co.uk

Father's Day 2020 Eaten Alive Sauces

Eaten Alive Sauces:

Whilst he’s in the kitchen, let him spice his food up with the amazing Eaten Alive Sauce range. They suit the BBQ season nicely, but can be used with anything. And since trying them out, we’ve become addicted to the Smoked Sriracha (a smoky, tangy flavoursome combo of chillies, sweet peppers, garlic and onions with a kick) and the Preserved Lemon (a yellow chilli sauce with the fresh, zesty magic of ripe lemons and yellow habanero chillies). They’re exciting sauces that he’ll love – and will mix up his man-food (that we can ALL eat!) beautifully. 
At £3.99 a bottle, you can grab them from here: eatenalive.co.uk

Father's Day 2020 Meater


We think this is amazing. And if Dad is a dab-hand with a Sunday roast, he’ll love it too. It’s a feature-rich meat thermometer that lets you kick back and relax while your meat is cooking. So it’ll let Dad get his cook on and get on with the gardening or play games with the kids. MEATER+ provides estimated cooking times and monitors your meat whilst cooking. It sent alerts to our phones while cooking, letting us know when our beef had cooked – and it was cooked perfectly too. Dad just needs to simply connect his MEATER+ to any smartphone or tablet to make use of MEATER’s patented smart technology.
Available to purchase from MEATER, priced £99.

Tech Savvy Papas

Father's Day 2020 Marley Positive Vibration XL Headphones

Marley Positive Vibration XL Headphones: 

If your Dad likes to chill out listening to Mozart, or go running whilst listening to the latest beats, these fab Bluetooth earphones will be a favourite present on 21st June. I found them seriously comfortable, and I like how they connected to my phone super quickly. They bring music to life, and look pretty special as well. With crisp 40mm drivers tuned the Marley way, Positive Vibration XL delivers sound quality on all levels with ultra-sharp mids and highs with signature Marley bass. They foldaway for ease of transport too.
RRP: £99 from thehouseofmarley.co.uk

Father's Day 2020 chipolo


OK. Hands up whose Dad is always losing things? Well, this genius little gadget can make sure your Dad never loses his keys or phone again. We set this up using a specially designed app, after slipping the Chipolo One on to our keys. This let us ring our keys to find them. But the brilliant thing about this is that if you lose your phone, you can click your Chipolo, and it rings your phone! You also get a notification from the app if you leave your item behind. A subtle and funky design, we think this is a fab bit of tech, that could well prove to be a godsend!
From £21 – you can get the Chipolo One from chipolo.net

Father's Day 2020 Gadget Club Rise MiniBOOM

Gadget Discovery Club Subscription:

This club is every gadget lover’s dream! Imagine the geeky side of your Dad getting a package in the post every month, and being surprised by the latest bit of quality tech inside it. You can buy Dad a three, six or 12 month subscription to the club and he’ll love you for it. Now, we don’t want to spoil what the club has to offer (and neither do they), but the Gadget Discovery Club work with some top brands. We received a brilliant handsized Rise miniBOOM wireless speaker to check out, and we were really impressed! Its output outweighs its size, and its a great bit of kit. I think Dad would be chuffed if you bought him a subscription for Father’s Day!
Subscriptions start from £17.99 per month, and can be ordered as a gift from gadgetdiscoveryclub.com

Father's Day 2020 Groov-e Personal Stereo

Groov-e Personal Stereo:

When Dad says “In my day…” you know he loves a bit of nostalgia. And if he’s got an old, dusty collection of tapes he hasn’t listened to for 30 years but just won’t throw away, this in-expensive personal stereo will make his day. A nice present for Dad, and something that’ll remind him of his youth. (And cassettes are making a come back, you know!) As well as enjoying classic music tapes, he can listen to the radio through this gadget from groov-e. Play loud through the external speaker or listen privately through earphones. A brilliant value-for-money gift!
RRP £19.99 from groov-e.co.uk

Father's Day 2020 Flares Jet 2 Earphones

Flares Jet2 Revolutionary Earphones:

While large, over-the-head earphones are becoming ever more common, many of us still want the smaller, in-ear earphones to enjoy our audio. And when we gave the Jet2’s a go from Flares, we were impressed. Performance wise, they’re very good and that’s complemented by how they sit in the ear. They’re light, comfy, and made from aluminium. They look great too. Brilliant for isolating noise, and for making calls with, you can tell you’ve got a quality pair of earphones in your ears, and the cord is robust too. Dad will like these.
RRP: £39.99, and available from flareaudio.com

Father's Day 2020 Groove-e zen

Groov-e Zen Bluetooth Headphones

From the same makers as the PErsonal Stereo, the Groov-e Zen Bluetooth Haadphones are nice. I loved how light these were, and I found that they were a very sleek bit of kit. With swivel earcups that fold down to take up minimal space, the Zen headphones are perfect for journeys and commutes. Active Noise Cancelling reduces unwanted ambient sound to provide an immersive listening experience.
RRP £49.99 from groov-e.co.uk

Snappy Dresser Dads

Father's Day 2020 Billy Ruffian Boots

Billy Ruffian Shoes:

Speechless. When we took these out of the box, we could tell by the wrapping and the bag that these shoes were going to be special. And when we saw the Chukka boots up close, they just oozed quality. These should be in Dad’s wardrobe. So comfy, and made with the finest European calf leather, they’re blake stitched and then crafted by hand, ​with ​a full leather lining and a studded natural rubber sole.They work with trousers and jeans, and you might become his favourite child when you hand him these!
RRP: £165 from billyruffianshoes.co.uk

Father's Day 2020 Kilcourse T Shirt

Kilcourse T-Shirt: 

What’s your Dad’s T-Shirt collection like? Well, we love the simple but strong look of the Kilcourse men’s crew neck T-Shirt from TOG24. It’s a perfect summer-themed look, and a nice fit as well. Comfortable, but smart.  The design is inspired by a day out on the Yorkshire coast and features a bold seaside graphic in summer shades. It’s cotton, and is both super soft to the touch and hard-wearing. They have a range of similar designs too, so get Dad all kitted up for 21st June!
RRP: £14.00 tog24.com

Father's Day 2020 Reuben Mens Jumper

Reuben Men’s Stripe Jumper:

Although the summer’s coming, it’s still pretty cool at night. And as we can only have a few people round in the garden at the moment for celebrations, you can make Dad look stylish and keep warm on an evening with this TOG24 Nautical but nice men’s jumper. It’s made from classic supersoft cotton – it’s a nice fit, and it’s inspired by a day out at the iconic seaside town of Whitby in North Yorkshire. A stylish jumper, and comes with a solid top panel and classic Breton stripes below that match up neatly across the body and arms.
RRP: £35 from tog24.com

Father's Day 2020 Orvis Polo Shirt

Orvis Signature Polo Shirt:

If your Dad is the outdoor kind of guy, and likes to look good when he’s fishing, on a hike or something similar during the warmer months, the sustainable polo shirt by Orvis would make the perfect present. It’s nicely finished, and designed with comfort in mind. I own the blue/river version, and the quality of the shirt is really good. It’s vibrant, made from piqué fabric, and has features throughout that make it look nice while remaining practical and durable.
RRP: £69 or £98 for two from Orvis.co.uk

Father’s Day Cards

Father's Day 2020 Bantz In Ya Pants Card

Bantz In Ya Pantz Father’s Day Cards:

Greetings card shops aren’t open at the moment. So Bantz In Ya Pantz let you order the most outrageous, original and truly hilarious cards you can buy. (They do socks, bags and candles too!) There are hundreds of cheeky and iconic designs that’ll bring a smile to your Dad’s face, and laughter to his belly. We absolutely love the range of cards for Father’s Day and every other occasion. And you can even send in your own photo for a cool bespoke design that no-one else will have apart from your Dad.
Prices start at £3.50 and you can buy them from Bantz In Ya Pants

In The Home Dads:

Father's Day 2020 Nespresso Magimix

Nespresso Magimix coffee machine:

Quick, but quality coffee.  Ideal for when Dad’s getting ready to start his day, or wants to take it easy on Sunday morning. This black Nespresso pod coffee machine takes the full range of Nespresso coffee, so he’ll always be able to find a flavour to suit. And with two programmable cup sizes to choose from, he can enjoy everything from a single espresso to a large, luxurious latte. What’s more, the drip tray can fold back to make room for even bigger cups – so his trusty favourite mug need never be left behind. This model’s light and compact design not only makes it portable, but means it will easily fit onto his kitchen worktop too. 
RRP £88 from AO.com

Father's Day 2020 Bamboozled Jigsaw

Bamboozled Jigsaw:

Lockdown has seen a rise in the sales of puzzles and games while we’ve had to fill our time with mindful activity. And the 500 piece Bamboozled Jigsaw (with a gift box option that contains wine!) would be a great gift to keep Dad occupied. From the world’s only jigsaw company dedicated to wine and spirits, we took our time to complete their Bordeaux jigsaw, and we’d kind of forgotten how fun doing a jigsaw is. The completed puzzle was an education too – letting us explore Bordeaux’s appellations, châteaux and landmarks, and discover the 61 estates that were deemed the region’s finest in 1855. Brilliant for the wine lover.
RRP from £18.99 at bamboozled.games

Father's Day 2020 Melitta Look Timer Coffee Machine

Melletti LOOK® V TimeFilter coffee maker:

If Dad has to wait a bit longer for a filter coffee, but would rather not, then this is the gift for him! We haven’t put this machine down since we got it. We’re timing our coffee, we’re keeping it warm for hours… and it keeps delivering a perfect drink. It’s a good looking machine, and really easy to use. Simply prepare the water, Melitta® coffee filter and coffee, set the time and then Dad can relax and enjoy his coffee at the time he wants it!
Priced at £70 the Melitta Look® V Timer Filter coffee maker is available via melitta.co.uk

Father's Day 2020 Bantz In Ya Pants Wallprint

Bantz In Ya Pantz Funky Wallprints:

The guys at Bantz In Ya Pantz promised me a personalised piece of artwork that would make me go “WOW!” And when they’d finished with one of my favourite, fun photos, I couldn’t believe the results. WOW was an understatement, and I had a piece for the wall that was going to take pride of place.  They take your photos and transform them into a minimalist and modern pop-art piece, that looks amazing and stands right out. If Dad has a special photo that he loves, turning it to a bespoke and funky piece of art would be a stunning gift.
Existing iconic designs are available, with bespoke work starting from £55 which can be found at Bantz In Ya Pants

Father's Day 2020 Hundred House Coffee

Hundred House Coffee Subscription:

For a Father’s Day gift that keeps giving, Hundred House offers direct delivery of its characterful, freshly roasted coffee with its subscriptions. If Dad savours a morning coffee, this might just be the right gift for him. We tried out some of the vast range of flavours Hundred House has to offer, with the Costa Rican Las Lajas being a favourite. The sweet and jammy Bon Bon was great too (I could definitely pick up a boiled sweet kind of taste in that one!) Coffee lovers will relish a monthly drop of Hundred House’s award-winning blends. New orders come with free brew guides – perfect for the wannabe at-home Dad barista!
Subscription prices vary and begin from £7.75 a month from hundredhousecoffee.com

Father's Day 2020 Cadbury

Cadbury’s Father’s Day Chocolate Box:

The perfect gift to thank your dad this Father’s Day! A Cadbury gift box filled with a Cadbury Dairy Milk 200g bar in a special ‘No 1 Dad’ gift sleeve alongside a NEW Heroes Share gift box, Wine Gums and a selection of milk and dark chocolate bars.
RRP: £20.00 from cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk

The Discerning Traveller Dad:

Father's Day 2020 Torq Spinner

Briggs & Riley Torq Spinner: 

If your Dad travels a lot, especially for business, then slugging his suits, shoes, and leisurewear all over the place means he needs some quality luggage. And when we tested out the Torq Spinner, we couldn’t believe it. The large case is huge and a lightweight luxury travel must-have.  We could hang a suit, pack our valuables, and fit in a huge array of clothes. But it gets better. A full case just glided around with effortless ease as we put it through its paces. Buy it for Dad… and make sure to borrow it yourself when it’s your turn to go away!
Prices in the range vary, with the Large Torq Spinner costing £439.20, available from johnlewis.com

Father's Day 2020 FCUK Friction ElCamino Bracelet

El Camino Bracelet: 

An El Camino bracelet is unique. It’s a representation of the path someone’s travelled around the world. And if your Dad likes a bit of globetrotting, this bracelet is a nice, subtle, and cool fashion accessory. I’ve been wearing one which has ‘steps’ showing off Europe, Spain and my favourite place – Madrid. Added to that is a gorgeous representation of the Atlantic Ocean. It looks the part and in the recent fab weather a couple of people have asked me about it. So if Dad likes talking about his travels, it’s a great conversation starter! All high quality, with the glass Region, Ocean and Sea Steps all handmade in England.
Prices depend on where Dad’s been! But you can buy him this great gift from elcaminobracelets.com

Drinks With Dad:

Father's Day 2020 Keeprs Elderberry Mulberry Honey Gin

Keepr’s British Elderberry, Mulberry and Honey Gin:

Gin is in at the moment, but this one from Keepr’s is on a whole new level. You’re treating Dad if you buy him a bottle of this, and the Elderberry, Mulberry and Honey gin warms the soul. It’s lovely, and comes with a soothing taste. The initial honey sweetness gives way to a traditional juniper led gin, this is quickly enveloped with berry tartness reminiscent of blackberry and apple pie. It stays long on the pallet with the perfumed notes from the mulberry and tiny hints of Parma Violets. Try not to ask Dad for a taste of it though – it’s likely you’ll polish it off for him and end up having to buy him something else!
A 70CL bottle costs £37.50, and is available from Britishhoney.co.uk

Father's Day 2020 Cranes Cider

Cranes Cider Gift Set:

If he’s a cider kind of Dad, then the fruit ciders from Cranes are a great choice of gift. They’re not your standard, sickly-sweet offerings either. These are much more kinder on the pallet and when I poured the Cranberries and Lime cider in to the gorgeous pint glass that comes with the set, it was a much cleaner fruit cider tipple than I’d ever had before. With three flavours in the set, and each one containing 30% less calories than other fruit ciders, you could perhaps pass these over to Dad as a healthy bit of booze for him to enjoy his Father’s Day with! And he’ll love them!
RRP: £16.99 from Cranes

Father's Day 2020 Altano Portuguese Wine

Altano Organic Red Wine:

The red wine drinking Dad will really appreciate this bottle of Altano Portuguese red. Made with organic grapes from the Douro Superior and with flavours of juicy fruit, peppery spice and well-integrated tannins – this classic wine is an absolute treat. I shared a bottle in the garden with friends when the lockdown rules enabled me to, and we really liked it. It’s a well-balanced, medium to full bodied wine. It’s strong aroma of ripe red fruits and spices is lovely, and I think it’d be nicely paired with a range of cuisine, from Italian pasta dishes, to Spanish tapas. It tastes great at any time of the year, but especially this Father’s Day.
RRP: £10.99 from Waitrose.com

Father's Day 2020 Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon: 

A quality whiskey on an evening could be Dad’s idea of a perfect night in. And Bulleit Bourbon is an award winning Kentucky whiskey that really hits the spot. As a gift, this is great. A weighty, chunky bottle epitomises the quality of the spirit that Dad is about to drink, and when I tried it I noticed a distinctive bold, spicy taste. It’s a perfect choice of gift for any Bourbon fan, and will definitely be savoured. He might not want to share it though… I reckon he’ll want to keep this special present all to himself. And why not?
RRP: £41.25 from from Master of Malt

Father's Day 2020 Talisker

Talisker Whisky: 

For the fan of smoky whisky, a bottle of Talisker will put a smile on Dad’s face as he unwraps it on 21st June. Produced at the oldest distillery on the Isle of Skye, the liquid has been made by the sea since 1830, with its smell and taste instantly connecting you to its rugged maritime home. The notes of sea salt capture the wild spirit that embodies Talisker with every sip being a taste of the Isle of Skye itself, one of the most remote, windswept yet beautiful landscapes in Scotland. Make Dad happy with this excellent tipple.
RRP £41.99 available via malts.com

Father's Day 2020 Five Hundred Cuts Rum

Five Hundred Cuts Rum: 

I was excited about trying this one, as spiced rum is one of my favourite drinks. And when I opened this bottle, and took a sniff I could tell it’d be up there with the best. It comes with a fragrant taste, and it’s an innovative botanical rum taking in thirty-five recipes to complete. As soon as it touches the pallet Dad will be treated to a delightful taste, steeped in tonka beans, cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, schezuan peppercorns and cloves. The tropical notes and hints of dark berries in this one will make Five Hundred Cuts rum his go-to spiced rum.
RRP: £23.95 from BrewDog.com

Father's Day Non Alcoholic American Malt Lyre's

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic American Malt

Yes, we hear you! What happens if Dad doesn’t drink? Well we don’t think he should miss out, and Lyre’s non-alcoholic take on American Malt will make sure that when you’re having a few drinks to celebrate his day, he can join you in the celebration with a gorgeous spirit that won’t see him suffer from a woozy head the next day!
You can buy him a bottle for £23.50 from Lyre’s,

Outdoor Dad:

Father's Day 2020 BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Move

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Move: 

Buying for a new Dad? The Baby Carrier Move from BabyBjörn is perfect to keep Dad active with baby. It features back support, a waist belt and padded shoulder straps. The soft fabric hugs the baby’s back, legs and hips, and provides good support, and it’s more comfortable for the babywearer. I asked a new-Dad friend if he liked his, and he loves it. It’s more comfortable than his previous carrier, nicer to wear and his five month old daughter can face him or face out and be fully and comfortably supported. Baby Carrier Move lets you have your hands free while your baby gets all the closeness they need. Perfect for new baby and Dad exploring the world together.
RRP: £119.99 from babybjorn.co.uk

Father's Day 2020 Red Original Drinks Bottle

Red Original Thermo Bottle:

If your Dad likes to be on the move – for business or outdoor recreation – then treat him to the Red Original Thermo bottle. Each Red Original insulated steel water bottle comes with a canteen cap and sports cap as standard, allowing him to enjoy any drink, both hot or cold. Both caps are designed to support carabiners, making it easy for users to fasten their bottle to their belts, bags, boards, and more. It fit in to our backpack nicely, and looks cool. And with a 750ml capacity, you can take three cups of your favourite coffee with you or enjoy a cool glass of wine once you reach your destination. What’s more, by using this you Dad helps to reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans by never having to take a plastic water bottle with him again.
Price £24.95 from redoriginal.com

Father's Day 2020 Lynx Car Freshener

Lynx Car Freshener: 

For the Dad that’s out on the road a lot, for business or pleasure, Lynx has created a range of car fresheners. They’re available in five formats and five iconic Lynx fragrances including Africa, Black, Dark Temptation, Ice Chill and Gold.  And you might be wondering how the anti-perspirant fragrance translate to a car-scent? Well, I can tell you that it works! The Ice Chill has been in my car for about four weeks now, and it smells great. It’s still going strong, and when it needs replacing I’ll be sticking with this smell for some time.
Prices for the Lynx car freshner vary, and there are some great 3-for-2 offers on at halfords.com

Father's Day 2020 VEX Gift Card

VEX Gift Card:

The VEX Gift Card is a swap-out product from Voucher Express which can be used like money to order gift vouchers and gift cards from this site. Send a Voucher Express Gift Card for maximum high street spending options, anything from Fashion & Homeware Gift Cards to experience days.
Up to £250 from voucherexpress.co.uk

Groomed Dad:

Father's Day 2020 Bluebeards Revenge Hair

Bluebeards Revenge Tame and Texture Hair Kit: 

Now, it doesn’t matter what age Dad is – if he’s still got a head of hair, adding a bit of product to style it up will keep him looking young and fresh. And the Tame and Texture Hair Kit from Bluebeards Revenge is the perfect gift bundle to let him do just that. There’s a Matte Paste, which smells fantastic that I added to towel dried hair before giving it a blast with the hairdryer. Then I added the Matt Clay to sculpt the look I was after. It worked so well, even with a lockdown ‘barnet’! The aroma of the products is like something you’d get when you open your bottle of expensive cologne. A fab set, and a great gift for Dad for Father’s Day.
RRP: £18.99 from Bluebeards-revenge.co.uk

Father's Day 2020 Penthouse Life On Top

Penthouse Life On Top Fragrance: 

If you want to buy him a fresh scent, then Life On Top from Penthouse is a crisp, summery smell that will suit him. It’s contains notes of apple, lavender, mandarin orange, clary sage, juniper berries, cardamom, geranium, agarwood, musk, vetiver and moss.  I like it. It’s woody, spicy and on the masculine side of sweet. It works nicely with the shower gel and aftershave balm that comes if the gift set, and will be a nice summery fresh scent for Dad.
RRP: £13.30 from perfume-click.co.uk/

Father's Day 2020 Bluebeards Revenge Soap

Bluebeards Revenge Soap Stack Kit: 

This gift set of bloke soaps is a fab Father’s Day treat. It’s a colourful stack of vegan-friendly soap bars with three unique fragrances. They’re good, chunky sized soaps, and the range of fragrance covers sweet, cool and musky. And because they’re so big, they last for ages too. I’m a fan of the sweet smelling Big Blue Bar of Soap For Blokes, which I’ve been using daily in the shower for four weeks now, and there’s still plenty of time left in the old bar yet! Suitable for showers, baths, hands and bodies!
RRP: £13.99 from Bluebeards-revenge.co.uk

Father's Day 2020 FCUK Friction

FCUK Friction Gift Set: 

French Connection have continuously brought out good quality fragrances and gift sets for years. And when I got hold of the Friction box set, I knew this one would be another bundle that Dad would love. FCUK Friction Men Eau de Toilette is a bold fragrance. It’s a nice, cool scent featuring notes which include Geranium, Coconut, Amber, Rum, Cardamom, Leather and Musk among others. It comes in a stylish and sleek glass bottle, and the set comes with after shave balm and shower gel. It’s perfect for Dad to wear everyday. 
RRP: £20.00 from Beautybase.com

Father's Day 2020 Maison Sybarite 720 Perfume

Maison Sybarite 720 Perfume: 

If it’s fine fragrance you’re looking to treat Dad to this Father’s Day, there’s a newly launched perfume brand worth checking out. They’re offering the first ever water-based fine fragrances, and its gender-neutral range is delightful and different. This innovative, luxe brand is alcohol-free, persistent, and is committed to quality, safety and sustainability using environmentally-friendly methods. We really liked their 720 fragrance, and I can vouch for it being a talking point for anyone who was 2m away from me during any periods of social distancing while I was wearing it. The fragrances are clean and opulent, and are long-lasting and full-bodied. This would certainly be a special gift, for that special Dad!
Priced at £160.00 from maison-sybarite.com


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